Targeted Resume

When developing a resume, it is important to remember that this is your one opportunity to showcase your skills, experience, and education to an employer. Be sure to cater your resume to each position you apply for and only include information that is desirable to that specific employer. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your resume:


  • Resume should be BRIEF - 1 to 2 pages
  • Generally speaking, resumes should only be one page unless the student has extensive work experience or multiple degrees
  • Rank order information most important to least important both within sections and among sections
  • Organize in a logical format that will highlight your best qualifications first
  • Write as if using 1st person - Not necessary to use " I "
  • Avoid ambiguities
  • Avoid abbreviations unless universally used
  • Be able to explain your skills including:
  • Language abilities (note your level of fluency in English)
  • Ability to live and study abroad
  • Ability to adapt to various cultures
  • Communication (highlight your experiences giving presentations and providing translation)
  • Translate your educational experiences into terms the employer will understand.
  • Note: Be sure to calculate GPA according to a 4.0 scale
  • Provide a frame of reference for unfamiliar accomplishments
  • Example: “Attended #1 research institution in India”
  • Emphasize your cultural background, if relevant to the company
  • Get your resume critiqued by Career Services

On your resume, do NOT include:

  • Personal information such as age, marital status, social security number, country of origin, birth date
  • Sensitive information such as political or religious preferences
  • TOEFL scores
  • Employment status/Visa authorization
  • This should be included in the cover letter instead
  • Pictures, colors, and hard-to-read font

Things to avoid:

  • Using a generic template- Be creative!
  • Making your resume too long
  • Making your resume hard to read
  • Including irrelevant information

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