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Twice a year the Carl Albert Center, University of Oklahoma, publishes Extensions, a forum for discussion of the Congress. Extensions includes articles by congressional scholars, interviews with members and former members of Congress, regular reports on the Center's congressional archives, and historical commentaries based on the collections. Each issue also reports on the Center's current activities and ongoing research efforts. 

Each issue of Extensions focuses on a particular topic. Previous issues include:

Summer 2014 What Would James Madison Think?
Winter 2014 The Media in Our Partisan Era
Summer 2013    Congress and Immigration Policy
Winter 2013  The Roberts Court
Summer 2012 Debt, Deficit, and Dysfunction
Winter 2012        The Senate Syndrome
Summer 2011     The 2010 Elections
Winter 2011        Association of Centers for the Study of Congress
Summer 2010     The Carl Albert Center at 30
Winter 2010

Jack Rakove on James Madison

Spring 2009

Barack Obama and the 111th Congress

Fall 2008

Congress, the Constitution, and the Courts

Spring 2008

Congress and the Iraq War

Fall 2007

Just the Facts

Spring 2007

Congress and Money

Fall 2006

Lobbying the Congress

Spring 2006

President George W. Bush

Fall 2005

America in Red and Blue

Spring 2005

The Republican Congress

Fall 2004

Congressional Redistricting

Spring 2004 Judicial Nomination Wars
Fall 2003 Partisan War
Spring 2003 Promoting Civic Education

Fall 2002

Congress and 9/11: Symbolism, Substance, and Organization

Spring 2002

The Permanent Campaign

Fall 2001

Matthew Holden, Jr.:  Public Administration and Political Power

Spring 2001

Congress and Foreign Policy After the Cold War

Fall 2000

The Gingrich Speakership . . . a retrospective

Spring 2000

Women Transforming Congress: Gender Analyses of Institutional Life

Special 2000

Carl B. Albert

Fall 1999

 The World Accoding to Theda Skocpol

Spring 1999

 Finding Campaign Finance Reform

Fall 1998

The Clash of Titans: When Congress Investigates the Presidency

Spring 1998

Lipset on Democracy

Fall 1997

The Transformation of the United States Senate

Spring 1997

Parliamentary Change: Britain , Germany , Scandinavia, and Turkey

Fall 1996

Congress in the Media Age

Spring 1996

Assessment of the Clinton Presidency

Fall 1995

Republican Control of Congress

Spring 1995

Women in the United States Congress

Fall 1994

 Brown v. Board of Education: A Forty-year Commemoration

Spring 1994

Campaigns and Elections

Fall 1993

The War on Drugs: Inside Views from Capitol Hill, the Justice Department, and a Federal Prison

Spring 1993

Prospects for Change in the 1990s: The Congress, the Court, and the Party System


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