This guide to Oklahoma Indian Artifacts was prepared during the summer of 1979 when I was employed as Summer Curator for the Stovall Museum. This position permitted a release from other regular duties to write and select specimens for the illustrations. I wish to thank Dr. J. Keever Greer, the museum board of curators, and members of the museum staff for this opportunity.

Several persons assisted in selecting or locating specific artifacts and offered comments regarding their occurrence or distributions within the state. I especially wish to thank Don G. Wyckoff, Cherie Ann Clark, Joan Gardner, Lydia Don Carlos, and members of the museum and Oklahoma Archaeological Survey staffs for this assistance.

Mr. Donald Charles Pearson made all of the drawings from actual specimens or photographs, and I am grateful to him for this effort. My wife, Virginia, read my rough copy and made suggestions to clarify grammar, simplicity, and context. I know this has greatly improved the information and I am especially indebted to her for this help.

Without doubt, many persons are responsible for contributions to this information which has accumulated in my mind for many years.

I cannot recall where every bit of information came from but acknowledge the many amateur and professional friends who have made their contribution.