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Between May 19 and June 27, 2008, the University of Oklahoma Department of Anthropology will offer ANTH 3930 Fieldwork in Anthropology, taught by Dr. Patrick Livingood. This course, which will provide students with 6 credit hours, is open to undergraduate students, and will provide students with basic instruction in the techniques of archaeological excavation, mapping, and remote sensing.

The field school will take place at a Caddoan site in eastern Oklahoma that dates between AD 1100 and 1500. Currently, several sites are being considered as field school locations. Students will live in a field house/camp and spend five days a week working in the field. Students who are interested in the field school are encouraged to fill out a short application. Enrollment is open to all students from accredited undergraduate institutions, but in the unlikely event that applications exceed the number of slots, OU students will receive priority in admissions.


The field school is a joint effort with the Oklahoma

Archeological Survey. Survey archaeologists

Dr. Scott Hammerstedt and Dr. Amanda Regnier

will also be serving as project directors along with

Dr. Livingood.

Patrick Livingood Scott Hammerstedt

Department of Anthropology Amanda Regnier

455 West Lindsey Oklahoma Archeological Survey

Dale Hall Tower 521 111 E. Chesapeake

Norman, OK 73019 Norman, OK 73019




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2008 Summer Field School in Archaeology

Sponsored by the Department of Anthropology and the Oklahoma Archeological Survey

An example of a Caddoan mound site in eastern Oklahoma.