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This contact sheet is for the purpose of aiding OAS chapters in connecting with potential speakers across the state of Oklahoma. These speakers come from all sub-disciplines of anthropology (i.e. cultural, archaeological, linguistic, and biological) and from all realms of anthropological work (academic, federal, state, tribal, contract). In establishing this list of speakers and presentation topics, it is our hope that all OAS chapters can bring in interesting speakers for their meetings, thereby bolstering relationships between the Society and working anthropologists, as well as promoting the Society in their communities.


Each of the individuals on this contact sheet has volunteered to speak at chapter meetings. The profiles include contact information, brief research descriptions, and presentation topics are listed. If your chapter is interested in inviting a speaker to your meeting, it is suggested that you give the speaker at least 2 weeks advanced notice. It is also suggested that efforts in advertising be made, such as fliers and emails to your chapter members.


We also ask that the chapter member coordinating the event send an email (to sastutts@ou.edu) that gives the speaker’s name, presentation topic, date of presentation, and a brief assessment of the event (this assessment will be kept private. In this way, we can keep track of who is being asked, where they are going, and when they are going so that we can keep track of how the Speakers Bureau is being used. A list of engagements will be added to each profile.


The profiles will be updated as new speakers volunteer and as we receive each assessment.
Kermyt G. Anderson

Norman OK

University of Oklahoma, Associate Professor of Anthropology




Academic Background: Biological anthropology


Areas of Interest: Fatherhood; demography; evolution of human behavior


Current Research: paternity/nonpaternity; stepfathers; voluntary sterilization; diabetes; demography


Presentation Topics:

1) What’s sex got to do with it? Cross cultural perspectives on where babies come from


2) Who’s your daddy? Evolutionary perspectives on human fatherhood, and whether paternity matters


3) Why do men invest in children? Stepfathers, child support, and other evolutionary puzzles

Dr. Brian Andrews

Claremore OK

Rogers State, Assistant Professor of Social Sciences




Academic Background: Archaeology


Areas of Interest: North American Hunter-Gatherers, Paleoindians, Lithic Technology, Spatial Analysis, Site Formation/Geoarchaeology, Conservation and Public Archaeology, Paleoanthropology


Current Research:

1) Gunnison Basin CO: Excavations (completed as of 2011) and analysis of the Mountaineer Folsom site and other Paleoindian age Rocky Mountain sites from southern Colorado.


2) Goodson Rock Shelter, OK:  Newly begun and ongoing excavations of a multi-component rock-shelter in Craig County, OK.  Deeply stratified deposits date from Clovis through late Woodland.


3) Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania: Focus on late Lower Paleolithic and Middle Paleolithic raw material transport and hominin landscape use.  This project will begin summer 2014.


Presentation Topics:

1) The Mountaineer Site and Folsom occupation of the Rocky Mountains.  This site contains evidence for extensive residential, overwinter occupation of the southern Rocky Mountains, with multiple Folsom age “houses” consisting of stone ring bases and aspen-pole superstructures.


2) Current fieldwork and research at Goodson Shelter, Craig County, OK:  early Paleoindian occupation of the eastern prairie/western woodland ecotone.


3) Lower to Middle Paleolithic hominin raw material usage and landscape archaeology at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.  This project is slated to begin summer 2014 (pending funding) so a presentation wouldn’t be feasible until spring 2015 at the earliest.

Lee Bement

Norman OK

Oklahoma Archeological Survey



Academic Background: Archaeology


Areas of Interest: Bison kills, Paleoindians, Oklahoma Archaeology


Current Research: Changes annually


Presentation Topics:

1) Oklahoma Bison Kills


2) Paleoindians


3) Recent work in Oklahoma Archaeology


Shane M. Bess

Graduate Research Assistant, Archaeology Collections, Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, University of Oklahoma


(417) 569-0603


Academic Background: Archaeology


Areas of Interest: paleoethnobotany, cognized landscapes, ideology


Current Research: meaningful deposition in prehistoric Caddo refuse pits


Presentation Topics:

1) The Archaeobotany of the Cobb Site: A Window into Central Plains Tradition Agricultural Practice in Northwest Missouri (I previously presented on this at the 2013 Plains Anthropological Conference.)


2) Dialectical interpretive models for cognized landscapes. See my blog post here: http://lastglacialmaximum.wordpress.com/2014/05/13/ideologies-and-earthlodges-a-dialectical-model-for-the-interpretation-of-cognized-landscapes/


3) In progress research regarding the use of pit features at prehistoric sites in the central plains and southeast.    



Lucas Bessire, Assistant Professor

Norman OK

University of Oklahoma, Department of Anthropology



Academic Background: Sociocultural Anthropology


Areas of Interest: Indigeneity in the Americas, Documentary Film, Anthropology of Energy        


Current Research:


Presentation Topics:

1) Indigeneity in the Americas


2) Ethnographic Documentary Film


3) Anthropology of Energy

Jessica Blanchard, PhD; Lecturer/Hampton Faculty Fellow

Norman OK

University of Oklahoma, Department of Anthropology


(405) 325-6936


Academic Background: Cultural/Medical/Applied Anthropology


Areas of Academic Interest:  Native North America


Current Research: Public Perspectives and Experience Regarding Genetic Ancestry Testing in Freedmen and Tribal Communities in Oklahoma; Indigenous Health Disparities; Native Christianity/Indian Baptist Mission Work in Oklahoma; Food Sovereignty Issues


Presentation Topics:

1) “Testing the Waters: Navigating Contested Ideas About DNA Ancestry Testing in Indigenous and Other Historically Exploited Communities."


2) “Challenging Insignificance: Native-led Church Planting in Oklahoma.”


3)“'To and From the Sorriest of Lands': Contests Over the Norman Dam Project in an Absentee Shawnee Community"

Lita Briscoe

Norman OK

Bison Archeological Consulting Services, Inc.

GIS Technician and Administrative Director




Academic Background: History with a teaching option from NCSU


Areas of Interest: Early 20th Century history


Current Research: Depression Era farmsteads in Oklahoma


Presentation Topics:

1) Teaching as a Facilitator: Keeping Students Engaged with Teaching the Social Sciences


2) Using GIS Technology for Archeology


3) The Great Depression in Oklahoma (research still in progress)

Kent J. Buehler

Norman OK

Oklahoma Archeological Survey, Archeologist III/Lab Manager




Academic Background: Archaeology


Areas of Interest: Plains, faunal, forensic archaeology


Current Research: Various forensic cases, skeletal analysis


Presentation Topics:

1) Forensic archaeology


2) Bison kills


3) Faunal analysis, prehistoric dogs in Oklahoma

Kristen A. Carlson, M.A.

Norman OK

University of Oklahoma, Ph.D. Candidate



Academic Background: Archaeology


Areas of Interest: Paleoindian large game hunting


Current Research: Comparison of Northern and Southern Plains bison kills


Presentation Topics:

1) The Development of Paleoindian Large Scale Bison Kills: A comparison of Northwestern to Southern Plains arroyo traps.


2) Prehistoric Bison Procurement: Human Agency and Drive Lane Topography on the Northwestern Plains


3) Bison Across the Holocene: What did Calf Creek Hunters Hunt?

Suzette Vontell Chang, Graduate Student

Oklahoma City OK

University of Oklahoma


(405) 343-8171


Academic Background: Sociocultural anthropology


Areas of Interest: Identity, Race, Religion, Social and Critical Theory


Current Research: Cultural, Language and Ethnic Identity in Oklahoma


Presentation Topics:

1) Fieldwork


2) Race and Language Identity in Oklahoma


3) Resources available to non-traditional students

Derrell Cox II, M.A.

Norman OK

Graduate Instructor, University of Oklahoma




Academic Background: Medical Anthropology


Areas of Interest: Sexual health


Current Research: Promoting biopsychosocial sexual health in the Southern Plains communities, biopsychosocial health in alternative sexualities communities


Presentation Topics:

1) Ethnohistorical Sexualities


2) Alternative Sexualities


3) Medicalization of Sexualities



Sean G. Dolan, M.A., R.P.A.

Norman OK

Department of Anthropology, University of Oklahoma



Academic Background: Archaeology


Areas of Interest: U.S. Southwest/northern Mexico archaeology


Current Research: Obsidian sourcing and procurement in southwestern New Mexico from A.D. 550-1450.


Presentation Topics:

1) Black Rocks at Black Mountain: Obsidian Sourcing Results from LA 49


2) Mimbres Beyond the Mimbres Valley: Interpretations from Obsidian Sourcing


3) A Critical Examination of the Bone Pathology on KNM-ER 1808, a 1.6 Million Year Old Homo erectus from Koobi Fora, Kenya



Dr. Kristin L. Dowell

Norman OK

University of Oklahoma, Associate Professor of Anthropology




Academic Background: Cultural and visual anthropology


Areas of Interest: Visual anthropology, indigenous media, politics of representation, indigeneity and sovereignty, cultural policy, ethnographic film/video production, anthropology of media, anthropology of art, political economy of arts funding, feminist anthropology, Native North America, and Canada.


Current Research: Exploring the social history and contemporary practice of Aboriginal experimental film and media art in Canada with an analysis of the role of artist-run centres as spaces of intercultural artistic collaboration and reconciliation between Aboriginal artists and non-Aboriginal interlocutors.


Presentation Topics:

1) Visual Sovereignty in Native American and Indigenous Media


2) Ethnographic Video Production: Documenting Cultural Heritage


3) Native Crossroads Film Festival and Symposium—Bringing Native films, voices and stories to Oklahoma

Richard Drass, Research Faculty

Noble OK

Oklahoma Archeological Survey, University of Oklahoma




Academic Background: Archaeology PhD


Areas of Interest: Subsistence – Paleoethnobotany and Faunal studies, Remote Sensing, Wichita prehistory/history


Current Research: Protohistoric and Historic Wichita archeology – fortifications


Presentation Topics:

1) Wichita warfare 1500-1850 – evidence from protohistoric and early historic sites


2) Southern Plains Villagers and their use of crops and other plants in Oklahoma


3) Finding and Studying plants from archeological sites

Marjy Duncan, PhD

Norman OK

Oklahoma Archeological Survey, Archaeologist III, Research Faculty




Academic Background: Archaeology


Areas of Interest: U.S. Southern Plains: Late Prehistoric to Clovis


Current Research: Calf Creek foragers (6000 ybp)


Presentation Topics:

1) Antelope Creek phase in the Oklahoma panhandle (A.D. 1200-1500)   


2) Calf Creek foragers in Oklahoma (6000 ybp)


3) Clovis cache in Caddo County, Oklahoma   

Samuel Duwe, Assistant Professor

Norman OK

University of Oklahoma, Department of Anthropology




Academic Background: Archaeology


Areas of Interest: Landscape, religion, ritual, cosmology, ceramics, social change


Current Research: Exploring modern Pueblo ethnogenesis in northern New Mexico


Presentation Topics:

1) The evolution and formation of modern Pueblo society


2) Identifying and interpreting ritual landscapes


3) Examining the past through both archaeology and indigenous oral histories

Dr. Barker Fariss

Tulsa and Pawhuska OK

Osage Nation Tribal Historic Preservation Office, Archaeologist



Academic Background: Archaeologist


Areas of Interest: Historic Preservation


Current Research: Prehistory of the Southern Plains, Mississippian period settlement on the west side of the Mississippi River, and migration and culture contact.


Presentation topics:

1) Geophysical Investigations at Sugarloaf Mound in St. Louis MO


2) Settlement Pattern Studies in the Information Age


3) Historic Preservation Law and Process



Dr. Scott Hammerstedt, Research Faculty

Norman OK

Oklahoma Archeological Survey, University of Oklahoma



Academic Background: Archaeology


Areas of Interest: Late Prehistoric (AD1000-1500) Southeastern and Midwestern US, archaeological remote sensing, experimental archaeology


Current Research: Geophysical survey, excavations, and analysis of collections from mound sites in eastern Oklahoma, including Spiro


Presentation topics:

1) Late prehistoric occupation of eastern Oklahoma and Mississippian sites in the Southeast/Midwest, including Spiro, Moundville, and Cahokia


2) Remote sensing in archaeology


Tassie Katherine Hirschfeld, Associate Professor

Norman OK

University of Oklahoma, Anthropology




 Academic Background: Medical anthropology


Areas of Interest: political economy of health, post-socialism, infectious disease, public health in failed and failing states


Current Research: Just completed a new book (Gangster-States: Organized Crime, Kleptocracy, Collapse) that re-examines the political economy of the immediate post-Soviet period (see attached cover from Palgrave—will be released in spring 2015).  The next book will explore the relationship of this alternative model of political economy to outbreaks of emerging infectious disease.  Example:  the amplification of the Ebola outbreak in west Africa is a legacy of the civil war and state collapse of the 1990s.


Presentation Topics:

1) The evolution of infectious disease:  where new diseases come from, and how they threaten public health


2) Environmental Health in Oklahoma History:  Records from the Miner’s Health Clinic in Picher, Oklahoma


3) The Politics of Contraband in Early Twentieth Century Cuba: Gulf Coast Smuggling Cartels and Instability in the early Twentieth Century.


**Note: I will have very limited availability until Fall 2016

Ryan E. Howell, Archaeologist

Tulsa OK

United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Oklahoma Field Office




Academic Background: Archaeology, BA from OU, Master’s from U of Arizona


Areas of Interest: Prehistoric agricultural technologies, paleoethnobotany, adobe architecture, Section 106 and 110 of NHPA


Current Research: Several relating to Section 106 of NHPA


Presentation Topics:

1) Prehistoric Hunting Technology Demonstration – I have several atlatls and darts and have an interactive demonstration that is very successful and entertaining.


2) I can speak extensively on the archaeology of the prehistoric US Southwest/NW Mexico where I did most of my graduate work. I have a fun and interesting talk on witches in the SW as well.


3) I could also speak on the trials and tribulations of working as an archaeologist for the federal government in an agency that is tasked with permitting development while balancing preservation.



Lori L. Jervis, PhD, Associate Professor

Norman OK

Center for Applied Social Research, Anthropology



Academic Background: Sociocultural anthropology, medical anthropology


Areas of Interest: Psychiatric Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Gerontology, Human-Animal Interactions (anthrozoology)         


Current Research: Dogs and Children on a Northern Plains Reservation, the Food Environment in a Southcentral Plains Tribal Community


Presentation Topics:

1) Roaming dogs in the reservation context


2) Native elder mistreatment (abuse, neglect, financial exploitation)


3) Primary health care providers’ perspectives on mental health care in the rural clinic setting

Keith Kleszynski, M.A., PhD Candidate

Oklahoma City OK

University of Oklahoma



Academic Background: Cultural Anthropology


Areas of Interest: Anthropology of sport, active living, identity, migration, transnational communities, anthropology as humanistic philosophical system, gender and sexuality, Latin American ethnicity, American Indian ethnicity, Polish-American Ethnicity.


Current Research: Ethnographic research on Latino migrant recreational ftbol leagues in Oklahoma City, OK


Presentation Topics:

1) “We wear Arsenal, but we are Deportivo Hidalgo:” Jerseys, Team Names, and Senses of Place in Latino Recreational Fύtbol Leagues in Oklahoma City


2) A Tradition Unlike Any Other: Latino Migrants and Fύtbol


3) Casa, Calle, and Fύtbol: La Liga Latina y Americana in Oklahoma City



Kelly LaFramboise, Ph.D. Student

Norman OK

University of Oklahoma


(773) 655-9143


Academic Background: Cultural Anthropology


Areas of Interest: intersectionality, racism, privilege, negotiated and contested identities (specifically masculinities), alternative identity, appropriated identity, German and Oglala cultures, ethnohistory, landscape and materiality of identity and appropriation, Myth and Memory, World’s Fairs (1893 and 1903), Colonization and contact, mediated identities


Current Research: Dissertation topic: Analysis of Der Indianer Discourses Past and Present – German fascination with Oglala culture; German men negotiating their masculinities based on a historical interpretation of Oglala gender; European imaginations of Oglala culture; appropriated masculinity


Secondary Project: Online discourse analysis of Disney fanatics – negotiated identities and alternative constructions of identity rooted in Disney discourses; maintained community boundaries; and landscape/materiality of a secular American pilgrimage destination (Walt Disney World)


Presentation Topics:

1) Racism/Privilege (specifically in Native American communities)


2) German fascination with Native American culture


3) Rez-ball (Native American basketball), Native American appropriation of Black American culture (thug” and “gangsta” rap/hip-hop)


Shawn Lambert, M.A.

Norman OK

University of Oklahoma, PhD Student




Academic Background: Archaeology, concentration in Southeastern archaeology and scientific illustration


Areas of Interest: Southeastern United States, primarily with the Choctaw and Caddo


Current Research: Native American studies concerning social inequalities, complexity, prehistoric ceramics, and the continuity of Native American cultures as well as their material culture


Presentation Topics:

1) Pre- and Post-Removal Choctaw (archaeology and/or history)


2) Caddo, the Spiro site


3) General Archaeological Discussion


4) Ceramic Technologies (style, function, symbolism)


5) Archaeological Illustrations



Lamont Lindstrom

Tulsa OK

University of Tulsa Dept. of Anthropology, Kendall Professor of Anthropology


(918) 631-2888


Academic Background: Cultural anthropology/linguistics


Areas of Interest: South Pacific, ethnohistory, sociolinguistics


Current Research:

1) Urban migration/Melanesia

2) Vanuatu culture and history

3) Austronesian naming systems

4) Pacific personhood


Presentation Topics:

1) Kava (Piper methysticum) and other traditional drug substances


2) Pacific War ethnohistory


3) Martin and Osa Johnson (early ethnographic/wildlife photographers from Kansas)


Ali Livesay, M.A.

Norman OK

University of Oklahoma, PhD Student



Academic Background: Archaeology, Southwestern Archaeology


Areas of Interest: Prehistoric Mimbres archaeology (burials, iconography and ceramics), material expression of esoteric knowledge, construction of cultural landscape, mortuary practices, architecture and its relationship with cosmology, ritual leaders and social ordering/complexity, ceramics and technological style, the Pithouse-to-Pueblo Transition in the Southwest, Mesoamerican interactions with the Southwest, trade and exchange


Current Research:

1) The Value of Spatial and Spiritual Distance and Its Relationship to Esoteric Knowledge Acquisition in the Mimbres Region (Dissertation)

2) Side project: experimentation with ceramic firing technology and style


Presentation Topics:

1) General Prehistoric Mimbres Culture in SW New Mexico or mortuary practices in the Southwest


2) Ceramic Technology and Experimental Archaeology


3) General Archaeological Discussion (i.e. social ordering/social complexity, examples of agency in prehistory, gender)

Patrick Livingood, Associate Professor

Norman OK

University of Oklahoma



Academic Background: Archaeology


Areas of Interest: Archaeology of Caddo, Late prehistory of Eastern US


Current Research: Spiro


Presentation Topics:

1) Archaeology of Spiro, Eastern Oklahoma, Ceramics


2) Politics and Political Organization in the past
Allison Mann, M.A.

Norman OK

University of Oklahoma, PhD Student


(502) 548-7196


Academic Background: Molecular anthropology


Areas of Academic Interest: Microbiomes, parasitism, human-pathogen co evolution, bioinformatics


Current Research: Gene length variation project, the nasal microbiome and asthma state


Presentation Topics:

1) Zoonoses and Anthroponoses


2) Using specific bioinformatic tools to understand ancient microbiome states


3) Human, parasites, and health


Dr. Kimberly J. Marshall, Assistant Professor

Norman OK

University of Oklahoma



Academic Background: Sociocultural anthropology


Areas of Academic Interest: Navajos, Global Pentecostalism, Anthropology of Religion, Expressive Culture


Current Research: Same as above


Presentation Topics:

1) Navajo Culture/Religious Change


2) Native American Expressive Culture (Folklore, Music, Poetry, Representation


3) Global Pentecostalism

Judy Medlin, Graduate Student (MA)

Newalla OK

OAS Member, OU student




Academic Background: Archaeology


Areas of Interest: High Plains, Wyoming


Current Research: Late Archaic and faunal material of the Laddie Creek site, Wyoming (Thesis)


Presentation Topics:

1) Morocco, 45 years ago: A Tale of Three Shoes. I lived in Morocco for 2 years (1968-1970) and have many wonderful memories as well as some beautiful items that I purchased while there. I bring many of these to the presentations, including women’s clothing. This power-point presentation began as a linguistic paper on “gesture” as a means of communication. I’ve redone it to include a quick picture of Morocco as I knew it, plus the experience of buying shoes when neither of us spoke the other’s language. I presented this to the OKC chapter Fall 2013. I can squeeze or stretch this to about any length desired (30 minutes to 1+ hours).


Julie Morgan, PhD Student

Norman OK

Anthropology Department, University of Oklahoma



Academic Background: Linguistic Anthropology


Areas of Interest: Language revitalization, language documentation and description, Chickasaw, Plains Apache, Native American language education


Current Research: Chickasaw learners’ speech, Plains Apache classificatory verbs, Native American languages in higher education


Presentation Topics:

1) Language Endangerment/Revitalization in North America


2) Language Endangerment/Revitalization in Oklahoma


3) Reawakening Sleeping Languages (revitalizing languages with no living speakers)



Sean O’Neill

Norman OK

University of Oklahoma, Department of Anthropology



Academic Background: Linguistic Anthropology


Areas of Interest: The poetics and politics of language


Current Research: Language and music; Ponca language renewal


Presentation Topics:

1) The Role of Music in Language Renewal


2) How culture is expressed in everyday language use


3) Why linguistic diversity matters in the modern world


**Note: I will not be available to speak until Fall 2015

Ivan Ozbolt, PhD Candidate

Norman OK

Anthropology Department, University of Oklahoma




Academic Background: Linguistic Anthropology


Areas of Interest: Language revitalization


Current Research: Dissertation research on Chickasaw language attitudes and language revitalization


Presentation Topics:

1) The Chickasaw Language Survey: a collaborative project to investigate language attitudes in the Chickasaw Nation


2) Language Learning and Ideologies in Chickasaw Language Programs



Dr. Stephen Perkins

Stillwater OK






Mel Phillips

Oklahoma City

Avocational archaeologist


(405) 990-6013


Academic Background: non-academic


Current Research: Little Skin Bayou surface survey


Presentation Topics:

1) The Little Skin Bayou Survey (presented at Fall 2014 OAS meeting)


2) Surface Survey Techniques that help you complete your own research project


Robert B. Pickering, Ph.D.

Sand Springs OK

Professor, Department of Anthropology and Director, Museum Science & Management program, University of Tulsa

Adjunct Curator, Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, Oklahoma



Academic Background: Archaeology, forensic anthropology


Areas of Interest: Museology, human osteology, paleopathology, mortuary behavior studies, authentication and recontextualization of artifacts


Current Research: Analysis of hollow ceramic figures from West Mexico


Presentation Topics:

1) Examining and understanding ancient ceramic figures from West Mexico


2) Determining authenticity on ancient ceramic figures from West Mexico


3) Bison and human interaction in North America


4) The use of forensic anthropology


Bonnie Pitblado

Norman OK

University of Oklahoma, Robert E. and Virginia Bell Professor of Anthropological Archaeology



Academic Background: Archaeology


Areas of Interest: Paleoindian Archaeology (field work area:  the Rocky Mountains, although my students are starting to work in the high country of OK as well); Peopling of the New World; chipped stone tool analysis; public archaeology; museum anthropology.


Current Research: Active research programs in the Gunnison Basin, CO and SE Idaho/Northern Utah. Students starting research programs in far western and far eastern Oklahoma.


Presentation Topics:

1) Peopling of the New World (various topics possible)


2) Paleoindian archaeology (various topics possible)


3) Various other things… I’m open to suggestions

Kellie J. Poolaw, Tribal Historic Preservation Office Director

Pawnee OK

Pawnee Nation




Academic Background: Public Relations


Areas of Interest: PR/Journalism/Criminal Justice


Current Research: Cemetery Remediation


Presentation Topics:

1) Educational Outreach


2) Community Involvement



Dr. Asa Randall

Norman OK

University of Oklahoma, Anthropology, Assistant Professor


(405) 325-4456


Academic Background: Archaeology


Areas of Interest: Hunter-gatherers, monumentality, remote sensing


Current Research: Shell Mounds of the St. Johns River, Ancient History of Florida, History of Archaeology.  https://portfolio.ou.edu/users/rand5175/web/PROJECTS.html


Presentation Topics:

1) Climate Change, past and present


2) Hunter-gatherer monument construction


3) Archaic societies

Taylor Smith, Graduate Student

Norman OK

Department of Anthropology, University of Oklahoma




Academic Background: Sociocultural Anthropology, Anthropology of Education


Areas of Interest: Latin American Studies; Ethnicity; Identity; Anthropology of Education; Higher Education; Ethnographic Methodology; Gender; Mexico/US Borderlands; Urban Anthropology; Transnationalism and Diaspora Studies


Current Research: Academic Performance and Construction of “Success” Ideology among Hispanic College Students (Thesis Research)


Presentation Topics:

1) Hispanic Students in Higher Education


2) Implications of “Illegality” for both migrants and citizens


3) “It’s not about Beauty!” Ethnic Beauty Pageants as Cultural Phenomena and Agency



Dr. Daniel Swan

Norman OK

Sam Noble Museum, Professor and Curator, Ethnology



Academic Background: Sociocultural Anthropology


Areas of Interest: Native North America, 20th Century, religion and art


Current Research:

1) Publication (book) and exhibition, Osage Weddings: Giving While Keeping in collaboration with the Osage Tribal Museum.


2) Ethnobotany of Big Moon Peyotism- currently working on a range of purgatives associated with the traditional sweat lodge ceremony


Presentation Topics:

1) Native American Religion in Oklahoma         


2) Painting a New Battle Tipi- The Kiowa Black Leggings Warrior Society  


3) “That Oklahoma Style”: Material Culture, Art and Culture Change
Ian Thompson, THPO, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Coleman OK

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma


1-800-522-6170 ext. 2216


Academic Background: Archaeology/Native American Studies


Areas of Interest: Choctaw history and traditional culture


Current Research: Revitalizing Choctaw traditional ceramics, hide-tanning, archery equipment, and clothing, Choctaw plant names and uses, and ancient Choctaw foodways


Presentation Topics:

1) Chahta Lukfi Atoba Ikbit Himonachi: Revitalizing Choctaw Pottery


2) Chahta Imillimpa: Choctaw Traditional Food


3) Chahta Tvlhkochi: Choctaw Hide-Tanning

    Chahta Itvlhko Shulush: Choctaw Moccasins

    Chahta Okla: The Choctaw People


The above are titles of completed presentations, viewable at www.choctawnationculture.com

Susan Vehik

Norman OK

Univeristy of Oklahoma, Professor



Academic Background: Archaeology


Areas of Interest: Trade, social complexity, conflict, Native American/European interaction


Current Research: Field research at Bryson-Paddock and Longest sites on trade, Native American/European interaction, and conflict.  Research on early Wichita social and political organization in central Kansas.


Presentation Topics:

1) Mother Moon, Father Sun and the Little River Focus Council Circles of Central Kansas


2) Prehistoric Origins of Plains War Societies


3) Native Americans and European Contact 1540-1760

Dr. Christina Warinner, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Presidential Research Professor

Norman OK

University of Oklahoma



Academic Background: Biological anthropology


Areas of Interest: human microbiome, ancient DNA, ancient diet


Current Research:

·         Structure and Diversity of the Human Microbiome in Indigenous Communities

·         Evolution and Ecology of the Human Oral Microbiome

·         Origins of Dairying


Presentation Topics:

1) Ancient Human Microbiomes


2) Evolution of Human Diet


3) Milk: Lactose Intolerance and the Origins of Dairying


**Note: I will not be available to give a talk until Fall 2015.

Racquel-María Yamada, PhD, Assistant Professor

Norman OK

University of Oklahoma



Academic Background: Linguistics


Areas of Interest: Endangered languages documentation, description, preservation, and revitalization; Cariban languages


Current Research: Documentation and revitalization of Kari'nja (a Cariban language of Suriname)


Presentation Topics:

1) Community-collaborative linguistic fieldwork models         


2) Endangered language revitalization  


3) Linguistics of Cariban languages