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WELCOME TO A SOCIETYwhere you can share your ideas and findings with others who have similar interests. You can join with people throughout Oklahoma, as well as other states who enjoy making new discoveries, trying new experiences, meeting new people, and contributing new knowledge about anthropology and archeology to be recorded and preserved for future generations.

Monthly chapter meetings are both interesting and informative. Our digs are fun, with warm fellowship, interesting - sometimes exciting - finds, and a satisfying sense of having made a real contribution toward recording part of the story of humanity.

We hope that you will attend our statewide meetings; what better place can there be to exchange thoughts and ideas with fellow members? If you live near a local chapter, join it and mingle with your neighbors who share your interests.

The society conducts two statewide meetings each year; the Spring Meeting held in April and the Fall Meeting held in October.  

The public is invited to all meetings.  For more information about the meetings, and membership with the State Society contact:
Holly Andrew at

Officers and Board Members of the Society

"One of our Archeological Digs" 

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