updated thurs, aug 10, 2000

These images were generated from data collection early in the first week.  Notice in the lower right quarter the clear (resistivity) or black (magnetic) circular area.  This is the signature of a possible burned pit house.  The Field School will be testing this area.  The area of this testing is north of the 3 features excavated during the first week.

radar.jpg (44008 bytes)

radar1.jpg (91370 bytes)

dave.jpg (86796 bytes)

Geoff running the sub-surface radar with the help of Brynn and Lauralee. Closer view of sub-surface radar equipment. Dave using the laptop to collect data.

coring.jpg (81445 bytes)

Dave and Scott coring across the anomaly in the northern section.    

    The fourth unit was opened on Aug. 9.  A series of cores were taken with the coring rig shown in the thumbnail photo (above left) in an east-west direction to delimit the edges of the anomaly shown in the large images at the top of the page.  The cores taken inside the probable pit house had lots of bone in them.  A 1 by 2 meter unit was set up in the middle of the area showing cultural material and a couple of levels were removed in the first day.  This is a deep feature (the cores show cultural material to about 170 cm). 
    Clear Creek is about 250 yards to the north of this unit.  It will be interesting to get dates on the different features opened up in this year's excavations.  The single date from this site is 1300 AD.  Since the units opened during this field school are sampling widely-separated areas of the site, it may be possible to get a better picture of the length of occupation for this very large site.

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