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Camp site Tent City Students hungry for learning.  Oh, wait, they're just hungry for dinner!

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Odessa Yates Site Odessa Yates Site Odessa Yates Site

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Two diamond beveled knife fragments manufactured from Niobrara chert brought to the area from NW Kansas. Excavation unit on probable pit house on left and unidentified cultural feature on right. Follow this link to the Archeo-Physics home page:
Resistivity data collection

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Liz Wilson running the flotation tank

Audra Wiggins and Kat Brown sorting in the lab.

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Fred Fry, Bill Nash and Lois Fry visit Odessa Yates; Lois and Bill's wife are cousins of Junior Yates Harold Courson's office with Buried City artifacts on display. Reconstructed pot from Buried City.

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Doug gives a tour of the Buried City site. Scott looks at a collection of artifacts from a long-time local collector.  

Monday evening Steve Parker, Beaver County, demonstrates the fine art of rope-making.  We're hoping the ropes Steve and the school made will stabilize shade shelters from some brisk Panhandle winds.

Tuesday evening Bobby Nickey, Guymon, gave a flint knapping demonstration.

Wednesday evening was a free night for the students.  Kimmie Karber of Balko brought his collection of material from the Odessa Yates site for students to view.

Harold Katchel invited the Odessa Yates field school and the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Anthropological Society for a barbecue on Friday evening. 

Saturday morning, Aug. 5,  the field school took a field trip to the Roy Smith site.

Look here for the cast of characters at the 2000 Field School. (update 8/10/2000)

Photos from the fieldwork (8/10/2000)

Rich and M.A.'s bird list (if we don't see 'em, they aren't here) (TRIP LIST COMPLETE Aug. 18, 2000)

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