Rope-Making 101

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Steve said rope-making is simple -- you twist 3 pieces of twine together then you twist three of those together.  We decided it's simple, if you have the know-how and the equipment.  

rop.jpg (44738 bytes) The finished product at work..

Flint-Knapping by Bobby Nickey

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Bobby Nickey is a Guymon artist and flintknapper.  Students learned a lot this evening about the material they're finding on site and the skill required to fashion a tool from stone.  At right, Fred Suffridge inspects an arrow (and projectile point) Bobby made.

Odessa Yates Collection

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Kimmie Karber, Balko, has been collecting on the Odessa Yates site since his childhood.  He brought a part of his collection to the camp on Wednesday night for the students to view. 

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