Feature 2000-1 was the mystery pit of the 2000 excavation at Odessa Yates.  The east half of the pit was excavated revealing a shallow pit with a small basin hearth in the center.  No postholes could be seen, however, so it was unclear whether Feature 2000-1 was a roasting pit (why a basin hearth in a roasting pit?) or a small structure (where's the posthole to hold up the roof?).  The first 2 levels were chock full of burned and unburned bison bone with spiral fractures (grease/marrow processing?), mussel shell, turtle shell, flakes, and burned pottery sherds.  It looked pretty much like a trash dump.  In the lower 2 levels, however, very little refuse showed up.

Feature 2000-1 was identified last winter as a crop mark in the winter wheat.  An earlier geophysical survey showed an anomaly in this area.  A gradiometer (an instrument that measures the magnetic field gradient) showed that the strong and weak magnetic flow lines were "willy-nilly" but detected that the soil had been heated over 660 degrees C.  The Archaeo-Physics crew took soil samples every 10 cm along a N-S axis within the feature (see photo above) to measure the soil's magnetic susceptibility and for anahistoretic remnant magnetism (ARM).  This analysis will occur over the winter at the Archaeo-Physics lab in Minnesota.  ARM measures the magnetic moment of the soil which will show whether the material was burned in situ (having a very strong magnetic reading) or the heating took place elsewhere and the burned material was dumped in the pit (thanks to Natalie Starkovich for her notes from the Archaeo-Physics lecture at field school).

To help resolve the mystery of Feature 2000-1, on Wednesday, August 16, a 1 meter square was started in the center of the dark stain (where the letterboard in the above photo is sitting).  If a center post were present, the posthole should show up in that square.  On Thursday, the posthole appeared (see photo below) in its predicted position in the floor of Level 4 (roughly the bottom of this pit).

To view a history of the excavation of Feature 2000-1 over the three weeks of the field school, click on the thumbnails below:

feat1b.jpg (61537 bytes)

feat1ba.jpg (51963 bytes)

Lauren O'Shea and Natalie Starkovich celebrate '70's Day in Feature 1. The dark stain shows the outline of the pit in this photo.

f1tort.jpg (61596 bytes)

feat1pt.jpg (85811 bytes)

Part of the fill in the mystery pit -- carapace and plastron of a 700 year old box turtle.

A. Washita point from Alibates chert.
B. Brynn's finger for scale.

f1full.jpg (41968 bytes)

f1cheer.jpg (60143 bytes)

The mystery pit revealed. Brynn, Lauren, Natalie and Rich -- a happy group.

f1nslo.jpg (50538 bytes)

Lauren and Natalie call it a wrap after three weeks hard work.

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