Feature 4 first showed up as a crop mark and as a strong magnetic anomaly in the geophysical survey in the first week of the field school.  Subsequent coring showed cultural material to 140 -145 cm.  It was thought that the strong reading might be a burned pit house. 

The first 10 levels were "void of artifacts" (Heather Szarka, Level Forms 1 through 10).  In Level 11, bison long bones with spiral fractures started showing up.  A charcoal lens appeared in Level 12 underneath a complete rib and vertebra. On the south end of this probable pit house, a wall was reached at 80 cm.  The floor slopes away to the north pretty sharply. 

This feature is the closest to Clear Creek that has been excavated to date.  There are many intriguing questions about this feature.  The pit house excavated last year was pretty much filled with trash throughout.  This pit seems to have been left open with some possible grease/marrow extraction activity at the base of the feature.  It then appears the pit silted in rather quickly since the bones appear to be completely unweathered. 

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Rene' Heim and Heather Szarka working in Feature 2000-4 Bison rib exposed Feature 2000-4

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Bison bone exposed on north end Bison skull and other bone near the bottom of Feature 4. Outline of pit house in south end of feature.

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