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George and Shirley Kroeker  Roy Smith site area Students examining a room at the site.
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George discussing site with students.  Students looking at rock foundations. Room at Roy Smith site.
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More stone foundations North edge of the house. Some large rocks in the foundation.
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Posthole cut into bedrock.  Another room at the site. Shirley, Wendell and Brynn examining site.
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Looking northwest at the site area. Grinding basins in the bedrock. A cave located almost under the site shows no sign of prehistoric human use.
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Looking south into the Sharp Creek valley at the Kroeker house -- behind it is the Roy Smith site    

The Roy Smith site is about twenty miles northwest of Odessa Yates on a spring-fed creek.  It has the stone slab architecture characteristic of Antelope Creek sites and lacking at Odessa Yates and similar sites.  The house has one long wall with several rooms divided off the wall.  It was excavated in the mid-1960's.

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