updated tues, Aug. 8, 2000

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Audra Wiggins and Travis Ellison Liz Wilson and Katherine Brown Dustin Batten, Lauralee Whitt, Rene Heim, Jen Rees, Casey Carmichael (teaching assistant)

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Brynn Davis and Jackie Landry Fred Suffridge and Gary Stotts Wendell Nelson

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Kilgore, Geoff, Angie and Dave, the Archaeo-Physics crew Heather Szarka and Scott Brosowske (instructor) Natalie Starkovich

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Rich Drass (instructor) and Lauren O'Shea Saturday evening at Beaver Lake -- nature boy and the crew Brynn, Jen, Dustin and Natalie at the bbq.

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Weather on the Southern Plains Weather on the Southern Plains Mapping lecture

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Mapping lecture Mapping lecture Meet you at the stock tank

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Bobby Nickey set up his teepee over the weekend. Here's the whole gang!  

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