Southern Plains Village Complexes in Oklahoma

A.D. 900-1400
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Upper Canark Variant Zimms Complex Custer/Turkey Creek Paoli/Washita River Henrietta Focus

Farming and hunting people from this time in Oklahoma prehistory settled along major rivers and creeks. They planted corn, beans and squash in the fertile flood plains, hunted bison and deer, and fished and gathered mussels from the rivers. Four of these cultures have been defined in western and southern Oklahoma.

Since we have no written records from this time, the names of these cultures are unknown. When early Spanish explorers came in the 1500's, they found people who called themselves the Teyas and the Escanjaques. Perhaps the people discussed here also used these names several hundred years earlier. Archeologists believe the Teyas and Escanjaques are descendants of the people discussed on these pages. They are all believed to have been Caddoan speakers.

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