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Spring 2019 Schedule



Jan. 18


Jan. 25

Ari Berkowitz: RNA from Trained Aplysia Can Induce an Epigenetic Engram for Long-Term Sensitization in Untrained Aplysia

Feb. 1

Michael Markham: Electrostatic Tuning of a Potassium Channel in Electric Fish

Feb. 8

Qinggong Tang: Novel Optical Methods for Brain Functional Imaging

Feb. 15

Ashlee Rowe: Molecular mechanisms underlying grasshopper mice resistance to bark scorpion neurotoxins involves multiple voltage-gated Na+ion channels expressed in sensory and neuromuscular tissues

Feb. 22

Doug Gaffin: Sun Navigation Requires Compass Neurons in Drosophila

March 1

Chris Lemon Encoding of danger by parabrachial CGRP neurons

March 8

Cameron Owens: Munc18-1 haploinsufficiency impairs learning and memory by reduced synaptic vesicular release in a model of Ohtahara syndrome


March 15

Nick Woodruff: Blinks, Brains, and Dopamine: Dopaminergic Dysfunction in FXS-Related Neuropathology

March 22


March 29

Brian Pribble: Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) inhibits cortical dendrite

April 5

Matthew Finneran: Involvement of Toll Like Receptor 2 Signaling in Secondary Injury during Experimental Diffuse Axonal Injury in Rats

April 12

Tingting Gu: Spen regulates myosin activity to control neuronal remodeling in Drosophila melanogaster (no paper)

April 19

Mehrnoush Nourbakhsh-Rey: Steroid receptor coactivator-1 modulates the function of Pomc neurons and energy homeostasis

April 26

Julian Meeks: Environmental bile acid detection by the mouse vomeronasal system - mechanisms and biological implications

May 3

Sharmishtha Shyamal: Grasshopper mice as a model for the evolution of chemical sensation and pain resistance: A Transcriptomics and functional approach