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Spring 2018 Schedule



Jan. 19


Jan. 26

Michael Markham: Parallel and convergent molecular evolution of the sodium-potassium pump in electric fish (and birds)

Feb. 2

Ashlee Rowe: Scorpion alpha toxins that impair muscle voltage-gated Na+ channel Nav1.4 fast inactivation: molecular mechanisms of resistance in a scorpion predator

Feb. 9

Ari Berkowitz: Locomotor speed control circuits in the caudal brainstem

Feb. 16

Katie Willis: Social place-cells in the bat hippocampus

Feb. 23

Ari Berkowitz: Deconstruction of Corticospinal Circuits for Goal-Directed Motor Skills

March 2

Lei Ding: Probing Intrinsic Brain Networks via Modeling and Computation

March 9

Melody Reese: A neuroanatomical predictor of mirror self-recognition
in chimpanzees

March 16

Emi Kiyotake: Developing a combinational biomaterial for treating spinal cord injury

March 23


March 30

Doug Bryant: Adult-generated neurons born during chronic social stress are uniquely adapted to respond to subsequent chronic social stress

April 6

Mehrnaz Afkhami: Control of the Postmating Behavioral Switch in
Drosophila Females by Internal Sensory Neurons

April 13

Doug Gaffin: Combing the sand: Using a textural familiarity algorithm to simulate scorpion navigation

April 20

Indrajeet Sharma: Collybolide, a novel biased agonist to study kappa-opioid receptor pharmacology

April 27

JP Masly: Optogenetic Activation of the fruitless-Labeled Circuitry in
Drosophila subobscura Males Induces Mating Motor Acts

May 4

Mehrnoush Nourbakhsh