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Spring 2017 Schedule

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 20   Organizational Meeting
Jan. 27 Ari Berkowitz Development of pacemaker properties and rhythmogenic mechanisms in the mouse embryonic respiratory network
Feb. 3 Anuj Guruvacharya Evolution of ion channel toxins in early animals
Feb. 10 Michael Georgieff  
Feb. 17 Katie Willis Mosaic Organization of Body Pattern Control in the Optic Lobe of Squids
Feb. 24 Mari Golub  
March 3 Sharmi Shyamal A transcriptomic approach examining crustacean Y Organ molt cycle regulation via the mTOR signaling pathway
March 10 Michael Wenger Improving iron status in college-aged women: Evidence from blood, brain, behavior, and an Afro-pop music video
March 17 Spring Break NO CLASS
March 24 Melody Reese Blast-Induced Neurotrauma
March 31 Lisa De Stefano Combined Iron Deficiency and Low Aerobic Fitness Doubly Burden Academic Performance among Women Attending University
April 7 Rosemary Knapp Crypt cells are involved in kin recognition in larval zebrafish
April 14 Yue Ban Regulation of electric organ discharge frequency by the Slack and Slick KNa channels in the weakly electric fish Eigenmannia virescens
April 21 Ana Daugherty  
April 28 Zach Severance The amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 8 protein, VAP, is required for ER protein quality control
May 5 Doug Gaffin Combing the sand: Exploring the chemo-textural familiarity hypothesis for scorpion navigation.