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Matthew J Miller

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Matt Miller

Matthew J. Miller

Assistant Professor of Biology

Assistant Curator of Ornithology, SNOMNH

Ph.D., University of Alaska Fairbanks
405-325-1609 (Phone)
405-325-6202 (Fax)
SH 104

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Research is our group seeks to understand the how history and ecology combine to drive avian diversification, and what the consequence of this diversity is for emerging diseases. Our research program is inter-disciplinary, blending analytical approaches from genomics, biogeography, and community ecology, but the foundation of our work are natural history specimens. We believe that vouchered museum specimens are fundamental units of reproducible biological science that provide unique resources for biological discovery.


Current research projects in our group include classifying avian diversity in the Neotropics; uncovering the mechanisms and history of speciation in Neotropical birds, especially as revealed through the study of secondary contact and hybrid zones; and understanding the relationship between wild birds and emerging tropical diseases. Along with collaborators in Latin America, our group also looks at the geographical ecology of Neotropical vector-borne diseases such as Chikungunya and Zika viruses, specifically at how these diseases transition from urban to sylvatic transmission cycles, and what role avian communities plan in such ecological dynamics.


More details about our growing lab can by found (here). If you might like to join the group, please get in touch!


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