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Department Seminars

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Department Seminars

Spring 2018 Schedule (all seminars are held at 4:30 p.m in GLCH 123):

Speaker Title Host
1/24: Dr. Erica Westerman (University of Arkansas) Signal perception and the genetics of mate choice in butterflies. Fincke
Dr. Jessica Hellman (Univ. of Minnesota) Organismal Adaptation to Climate and Its Implications for Biodiversity Conservation under Climate Change. Gaffin & Kelly
Dr. Laura-Isobel McCall (University of Oklahoma) Small molecules, big issues: Applying metabolomics to the study of human-environment-microbe interactions. Masly

Dr. Elizabeth Borer (Univ. of Minnesota)

When? Where? How much? Moving beyond theory demonstration to predict the future of Earth’s grasslands. OU Biology Graduate Students
Dr. Jennifer Glass (Georgia Tech U.) Ironing Out Primitive Microbial Metabolisms. Marshall
Dr. Adam Siepielski (University of Arkansas) The major features of natural selection in the wild. Marske
Dr. Matthew Walsh (U. of Texas-Arlington)
Why are organisms (and their offspring) phenotypically plastic in response to environmental change? Weider
4/11: Dr. Margaret Docker (University of Manitoba) Conservation Genetics and Evolution of Non-Parasitism in Lampreys. McCauley
Dr. Thomas Parr (University of Oklahoma) Top down energy flow: Detritivores, decomposers, and organic matter ontogeny in detrital food webs.
Dr. Duncan Irschik (U. of Massachusetts- Amherst) Animal attraction: Bioinspiration and Recreating Life in 3D. Siler