BEN Meeting 2000

The first BEN meeting of the millennium was held at Portland, Oregon, in conjunction with the Botany 2000 meeting of the Botanical Society of America, American Bryological and Lichenological Society, American Fern Society, American Society of Plant Taxonomists. (former URL:

These are digital images taken at the BEN banquet, which was likely the best banquet held at the meeting. The banquet supported by the generous proceeds from publishing Botanical Electronic News on the Usenet since May 1991.

Trio of BEN
Adolf Ceska Scott Russell Oluna Ceska
Adolf is the owner/editor/publisher and sometime writer of BEN. Scott is the person who puts BEN on the Web archive. Oluna is suspected of being a partner in everything that her husband does, possibly even BEN. If you have not yet seen enough of this picture, click on it.

BEN Perpetrators
Adolf Ceska (Thor Henrich) Scott Russell Oluna Ceska
Thor is a retired school teacher and amateur palaeobotanist, Oluna is everything, excellent botanist, mycologist and botanical illustrator. Again, if you want to see a picture that is twice as large, click on the image.



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