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Michael Kramer

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Michael Kramer

Michael Kramer

Position: Chair and Professor
Education: PhD., Communication, University of Texas at Austin, 1991

Office Phone: 405-325-9503


Office: Burton Hall Room 102c
Office Hours:  MWF 10:30-11:20

Please visit his Webpage

Spring Courses 2020

  • COMM 3263 Organizational Communication

Academic Interests

Dr. Kramer is chair of the department and professor of organizational communication. His research interests focus on socialization/assimilation processes in organizations including a range of employee transitions from pre-entrance to exit; group processes especially leadership and decision-making; and voluntary membership and participation.

Dr. Kramer’s research has been recognized with six top paper awards, a top article award, and a special issue award in addition to a dissertation award at the beginning of his career. He has published two books, Managing Uncertainty in Organizational Communication (2004), and Organizational Socialization: Joining and Leaving Organizations(2010). He has published in journals such as Communication Monographs, Journal of Applied Communication, Human Communication Research, Management Communication Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal,among others. He has published chapters in the Handbook of Communication Science and Handbook of Decision Making, in addition to a number of case studies.

Dr. Kramer taught at the University of Missouri for 19 years prior to coming to Oklahoma. He received three different teaching awards during that time.

Representative Publications

Kramer, M.W., & Danielson, M.A. (2017). Communication and role development for zoo volunteers: Responding to role-sending, role-making, and role-remaking. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 45, 96-115.

Zanin, A.C., Hoelscher, C.S., & Kramer, M.W. (2016). Extending symbolic convergence theory: A shared identity perspective of a team’s culture. Small Group Research, 47, 438-472.

Hoelscher, C.S., Zanin, A. C., & Kramer, M.W. (2016). The role of values in alternative organizations: Examining organizational identification in farmers markets. Western Journal of Communication, 80, 481-501.

Kramer, M.W., & Danielson, M.A. (2016). Developing and re-developing volunteer roles: The case of ongoing assimilation of docent zoo volunteers. Management Communication Quarterly, 30, 103-120.

Tornes, M.J., & Kramer, M.W. (2015). The volunteer experience in temporary organizations: Volunteer role negotiation and identity in a popular culture conference. Communication Studies, 66, 590-606.

Meisenbach, R.J., & Kramer, M.W. (2014). Exploring nested identities: Voluntary membership, social category identity, and identification in a community choir. Management Communication Quarterly, 28, 187-213.

Kramer, M.W., Meisenbach, R.J., & Hansen, G.J. (2013). Communication, uncertainty, and volunteer membership. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 41, 18-39.


Kramer, M.W., & Bisel, R.S. (2017). Organizational communication: A lifespan approach. New York: Oxford.

Kramer, M.W., Lewis, L.K. & Gossett, L.M. (Eds). (2015). Volunteering and communication Volume II: Studies in intercultural and international contexts. New York: Peter Lang.

Mize Smith, J., & Kramer, M.W. (Eds.). (2015). Case studies of nonprofit organizations and volunteers. New York: Peter Lang.