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Center for Social Justice

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The Center for Social Justice

The Center for Social Justice is an initiative of the Women's and Gender Studies Program to promote gender justice, equality, and human rights through local and global engagement.

What is Social Justice?

Social justice generally refers to the idea of creating a society or institution that is based on the principles of equality and solidarity, that understands and values human rights, and that recognizes the dignity of every human being.

Call for Nominations

Spring 2019 Activist-in-Residence

AIR flyer

Nominate an Activist


If you are interested in nominating an individual or group to be Activist-in-Residence for Spring 2019, please go here or email for more information on AIR and how to nominate. 

The deadline for submissions is Friday, December 14 at 5pm.


Fall 2018 Events

Clyde Snow Award 2018

Clyde Snow Award 2018

    This year’s recipient is Myo Win, a human rights activist, educator, imam, and outspoken critic of the government in his native Myanmar. Myo Win is also the founder and Executive Director of Smile Education and Development Foundation (SEDF), a national NGO which works to promote freedom of religion and belief throughout the country. Since 2007, the organization has developed, managed, and implemented programs aimed at building interfaith harmony and transforming intercommunal conflict; activities include helping to raise silent and moderate voices, responding to hate speech, drafting and advocating for inclusive and just antidiscriminatory laws, and empowering non-Bamar and non-Buddhist communities.

    SEDF also supports the production of documentaries on spotlight issues in Myanmar to promote dialogue and educate audiences, both local and foreign, about the complex situations its people are facing throughout the country. The film “Sittwe” focuses on the experiences of youth from the town of Sittwe who have been separated by conflict and enforced segregation in the state of Rakhine. A new film, “Amae, Thamee, Amah (Mother, Daughter, Sister),” focuses on the Myanmar military’s practice of using rape as a weapon of war in the states of Rakhine and Kachin.

    Myo Win will visit OU at the end of October to give a public talk, meet with students, participate in an interfaith conversation, and receive the award at a banquet in his honor.  If you expressed interest in attending the banquet, please contact Susy Jorgenson at to purchase tickets.

2018 Event Information for Myo Win


2018 Clyde Snow Social Justice Award Recipient
Gender and Justice

2018 Activist-in-Residence


    Join us this year as we welcome Ellen Stackable as our 2018 Activist-in-Residence. Ellen, a graduate of the University of Nebraska, also teaches English at Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences. In 2015, she was one of ten women awarded the Women of the Year Pinnacle Award and was named a CNN Hero this year.

    Ellen is the executive director and co-founder of the organization "Poetic Justice", which focuses on bringing voice back to women incarcerated here in Oklahoma. The organization uses creative writing a means of reinstating identity and has reached close to 2,000 women thus far. This is a week long event, including a screening of the short documentary "Grey Matter" which focuses on the work done by Ellen and her organization and a panel discussion following.

For more information on her work, visit Please contact Carina Quiroz at with any questions regarding the events.