Department of Economics Working Papers

2006/2007 Working Papers

Greg Burge:
“Quantifying the Benefits of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program to Recipient Households: A Market Based Approach”, currently under review.

“The Effects of Impact Fees on Commercial Development and Job Growth”, (with Keith Ihlanfeldt)

“Modeling Apartment Rents: The Impact of Contractual Obligations, Neighborhood Quality, and Complex Age”

Firat Demir:
"Macroeconomic Uncertainty, Private Investment and Financialization of Real Sectors in Emerging Markets"

"Private Investment, Financing Constraints and Cash Flow Relationship Revisited: Capital Market Imperfections and Financialization of the Real Sectors in Emerging Markets"

"Determinants of Manufacturing Firm Profitability under Uncertainty and Macroeconomic Volatility: Evidence from an Emerging Market"

"Volatility of Short Term Capital Flows and the Determinants of Socio-Political Instability in Argentina, Mexico and Turkey"

"Volatility of Short Term Capital Flows, Financial Anarchy and Private Investment: A Panel Data Approach"

Kevin Grier:
"Globalization, Roundaboutness and Relative Wages" (with J. Francois and D. Nelson)

"Do High Interest Rates Deter Speculative Attacks?" (with Shu Lin)

"Speculative Attacks and Defenses as a War of Attrition: Theory and an Example" (with Shu Lin)

"Elections, Exchange Rates & Central Bank Reform in Latin America"(with Rodolfo Cermeno and Robin Grier)

"Real Appreciation & Exchange Rate Predictability" (with Robin Grier)

"On Democracy, Regime Duration, and Economic Growth" (with Michael C. Munger)

"External Influences on Economic Reform, Or Reform as a Regional Public Good" (with Dan Sutter)

Robin Grier:
"Elections, Exchange Rates & Central Bank Reform in Latin America"(with Rodolfo Cermeno and Kevin Grier)

"Elections, Exchange Rates & Long Live Democracy: The Determinants of Political Instability in Latin America" (with Luisa Blanco)

"Real Appreciation, Exchange Rate Predictability & Output Growth in a Sample of Developing Countries" (with Kevin Grier)

James Hartigan:
"Compliance Institutions in Treaties" (with I. Chakraborty and B. Frischmann)

"Dispute Resolution and Penalties for Noncompliance in Treaties" (with I. Chakraborty)

Jiandong Ju:
"Endowment versus Finance: A Wooden Barrel Theory of International Trade" (with Shang-Jin Wei)

"Price Dispersion in a Model with Middlemen and Oligopolistic Market Makers: A Theory and an Application to the North American Natural Gas Market" (with Scott Linn and Zhen Zhu)

"Frictional Unemployment and Periodical Price Adjustment in Transition Periods"

"Competitive Market Efficiency and Income Distribution Non-Optimality: A Theorem on Income Redistribution"

"Efficient Welfare Function and Optimal Income Distribution"

"The Measurement of Welfare"

"Imperfect Competition Technology Innovation and Multiproduct Firms"

"A Solution to Two Paradoxes of International Capital Flow" (with Shang-Jin Wei)

Benjamin Keen:
"Output, Inflation, and Interest Rates in an Estimated Optimizing Model of Monetary Policy"

"Inflation Risk and Optimal Monetary Policy" (with William T. Gavin and Michael R. Pakko)

"The Signal Extraction Problem Revisited: Its Impact on a Model of Monetary Policy"

Georgia Kosmopoulou:
"The Impact of Public Information on Bidding in Highway Procurement Auctions" (with Dakshina De Silva, Tim Dunne, and A. Kankanamge)

"Sequential Location and Price Choices in Two-Dimensional Spatial Competition" (with Jacob Dearmon)

Carlos Lamarche:
"Robust Penalized Quantile Regression Estimation for Panel Data"

"Voucher Program Incentives and Schooling Performance in Colombia: A Quantile Regression for Panel Data Approach"

"Private School Vouchers and Student Achievement: A Fixed Effects Quantile Regression Evaluation of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program"

Qihong Liu:
"Second-Degree Price Discrimination and Price Dispersion: The Case fo the U.S. Airline Industry" (with K. Serfes)

"Information Gatekeepers, Product Markets, and Vertical Merger" (with S. Chen)

"Are Low-Price Guarantees Anti-Competitive? An Analysis Through a Natural Experiment" (with S. Chen)

"Price Levels, Price Dynamics and Low Price Guarantees" (with S. Chen)

"Should Consumers Be Given Control of Their Own Private Information?" (with S. Chen)

Aparna Mitra:
"Trends in Literacy and Schooling among the Scheduled Tribe Women in India" (with Pooja Singh)

Cynthia Rogers:
"Endogeneity and Tax Haven Policy: An Empirical Note" (with Luisa Blanco)

"Local Sales Tax Autonomy and Implementation in the US"

"Method for Identifying the Effects of Income and Tax Policy on State Tax Revenues" (with W. Robert Reed)

"The Landscape of Municipal Sales Taxes: Implications for Analyzing Small Town Economic Development"

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