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William C. Kurlinkus

College of Arts and Sciences, Department of English, The University of Oklahoma website wordmark
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William C. Kurlinkus

William C. Kurlinkus

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 2014

Engaging new media, rhetoric, technical communication, and design, Will Kurlinkus’s research seeks to democratize technology and improve the ways in which designers and their users communicate—from web UX, to hospital forms, to digital writing classrooms. His current book project, Nostalgia and New Media, examines different communities’ rhetorical uses of technological nostalgia, including hipster crafters, brand stylists, anti-vaccination campaigners, and ER doctors. By examining conflicting technological nostalgias, Prof. Kurlinkus argues that rhetorical designers can better discover what users/audiences want, mediate clashes of technological values, and create technologies that are more inclusive, functional, and marketable.

Office: Cate 2, 338

Research Interests:
Technical writing; rhetoric; new media composition; philosophy of technology; participatory design; UX; memory; nostalgia; emotion; medicine; alternative rhetorics; stasis and conflict mediation; technological contact zones. 

Teaching Interests: 
Writing track; technical writing; digital media production; technology-mediated research; rhetoric of design; nostalgia; popular culture.

Recent Publications:
"Crafting Designs: An Archaeology of 'Craft' as God Term," Computers and Composition 33 (2014): 50-67.
"An Ethics of Attentions: Three Continuums of Classical and Contemporary Stylistic Manipulation for the 21st
     Century Composition Classroom," The Centrality of Style, ed. Michael Duncan and Star Medzerian (Parlor 
     Press and WAC Clearinghouse, 2013)

Click here to access Prof. Kurlinkus' website.