Call for Papers


Calls for individual contributions to special issues will be posted on this page. Please check back regularly.


If you would like to propose a special issue which you would guest-edit, please send the editors a brief (1000-word) description of the topic, a list of potential contributors, and a tentative schedule of production (including circulation time for the call for papers [if necessary], initial submission deadline, revised submission deadline, and expected delivery date of materials to us for printing).  Please include a copy of your CV as well.  Proposals may be submitted in either print or email format; please consult the Contact and Submission Information page listed below for addresses.

Special Issues of Genre:

2014: Transcultural Networks in the Indian Ocean, 15th to 18th Centuries, edited by Su Fang Ng

2013: Homo Liber: Essays in Honor of Antonio Negri, edited by Timothy S. Murphy

2012: Learning to Read, edited by Luke Carson and Heather Cass White

2011: Binocular Vision: Narrative and Metaphor in Medicine, edited by Mike Hanne

2010: Needful Things: Translations of Media, Language and Culture, edited by Ronald Schleifer & Timothy S. Murphy

2009: Genre Poaching in Contemporary Fiction, edited by Joe Moffett and Josh Lukin

2008: Narratives and New Media, edited by Will Slocombe

2007: Literary Approaches to the Bible, Old and New, edited by Kevin Dunn, R. Clifton Spargo & Alan Velie

2006: Asian American Subgenres 1853-1945, edited by Hsuan L. Hsu

2005: Circulating America, edited by Patricia Ventura

2004: Blue Notes: Toward a New Jazz Discourse, edited by Mark Osteen

2003: Globalization and the Image, edited by Kurt Koenigsberger

2002: Prisoners Writing, edited by Megan Sweeney

2001: Rock and the Condition of Postmodernity, edited by William Richey and Kevin J.H. Dettmar

2000: Desert Island Texts, edited by Timothy S. Murphy

1999: Chicano/a Studies--Writing into the Future, edited by Rudolfo Anaya and Robert Con Davis-Undiano

1997: Space, Place and Signs in Early Modern Studies, edited by Bernadette Andrea

1996: Picturing the End of Things: Photography and Apocalypse, edited by Nancy M. West

1995: Writing History After the New Historicism, edited by Hunter Cadzow

1994: The Culture of Filth, edited by Richard A. Barney and Grant Holly

1993: Education, Identity and Constructions of the Novel, edited by Richard A. Barney

1992: Native American Perspectives on Literature and History, edited by Alan R. Velie and Gerald Vizenor*

1990: Narrative and Novel in the Eighteenth Century, edited by Robert Markley

1988: The Vietnam War and Postmodern Memory, edited by Gordon O. Taylor

1987: Postmodern Genres, edited by Marjorie Perloff*

1986-87: Literature as Women's History I & II, edited by Nancy Armstrong

1985: Satire: Practice and Theory, edited by Frank Chin and Robert Murray Davis

1984: Deconstruction at Yale, edited by Ronald Schleifer and Robert Con Davis*

1983: The World as Text: Nonliterary Genres, edited by Richard Macksey

1982: The Forms of Power and the Power of Forms in the English Renaissance, edited by Stephen Greenblatt*

1981: Novel vs. Fiction: The Contemporary Reformation, edited by Jackson I. Cope and Geoffrey Green

1980: Money Talks: Language and Lucre in American Fiction, edited by Roy R. Male

1979: The Genres of the Irish Literary Revival, edited by Ronald Schleifer*

1978: The Long Poem in the Twentieth Century, edited by Joseph N. Riddel

1977: Forms of Prose Fiction, edited by J. Paul Hunter

1976-77: Versions of Medieval Comedy, edited by Paul G. Ruggiers

* These special issues were later republished as books by the University of Oklahoma Press and other presses.