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Robert Con Davis-Undiano

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Professor Davis-Undiano teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of American literature, American Studies, Chicano Studies, cultural studies, and literary and cultural theory. At the undergraduate level, he focuses on American identity, community problems in America, gender relations in America, and Chicano Studies. At the graduate level, he focuses on problems of criticism and theory as they relate to the practice of American Studies and cultural studies, and Chicano Studies. His books and articles are concerned with the history of criticism and cultural theory in America but also with problems in the history of literary criticism more broadly. The Paternal Romance: Reading God-the-Father in Early Western Culture (Illinois 1993), for example, examined the foundations of patriarchy in the Greek and early Christian texts. Culture and Cognition (Cornell 1992), with Ronald Schleifer and Nancy Mergler, discussed points of intersection between humanistic studies and science. Criticism and Culture: The Role of Critique in Modern Literary Theory (Longman 1991), with Ronald Schleifer, discussed philosophical and cultural foundations, from the eighteenth century forward, for the very idea of criticism and cultural critique. Contemporary Literary Criticism: Literary and Cultural Studies (Longman, four editions 1989, 1991, 1994, 1998) is a textbook account of the development of modern literary and cultural criticism. He is Executive Director of World Literature Today, Neustadt Professor of Comparative Literature, and Presidential Professor of English.

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