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Susan Kates

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Professor Kates is the author of Activist Rhetorics and American Higher Education: 1885-1937 (Southern Illinois University Press, 2001). She has published articles on rhetoricians Hallie Quinn Brown and Mary Augusta Jordan in College English and College Composition and Communication. Her poems have appeared in The Cumberland Review, The Laurel Review, The Ohio Journal, WestBranch, and Texas Poetry Review. Professor Kates teaches rhetorical theory and creative writing at the undergraduate level and rhetorical theory/composition theory at the graduate level. She is particularly interested in technology and its relationship to the study of rhetoric. She believes language philosophy is a powerful vehicle for exploring how discourse functions in a wide variety of rhetorical situations; consequently, she is committed to helping her students analyze their own writing and the writing of others through the work of an extensive range of rhetorical theorists.

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