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William Henry McDonald

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Professor McDonald has published The Normative Basis of Culture: A Philosophical Investigation (Louisiana State University Press, 1986) and The Ethics of Comparative Religion (University Press of America, 1984). Recent articles on American literature, literary theory, and philosophy have appeared in Surfaces (1995), Texas Studies in Language and Literature (1992), The Henry James Review (1990), The Philosophical Forum (1990), Partisan Review (1989), and The American Scholar (1989). He is completing a book on Theory's Imaginary: Philosophical Tradition and Literary Studies Since The Sixties. Professor McDonald offers courses in 19th and 20th Century American literature, women's writing, modernism, and the American Renaissance. His graduate teaching covers narrative techniques, narratology, speech-act theory, and contemporary philosophy. He believes that "a good graduate seminar provides an intellectually demanding, open environment in which students can develop the writing and research skills crucial to success in this profession."

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