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Daniel Joseph Ransom

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Professor Ransom is the author of Poets at Play: Irony and Parody in the Harley Lyrics (Pilgrim, 1985). He has contributed the textual commentary and notes to the Variorum edition of The General Prologue of The Canterbury Tales (University of Oklahoma Press, 1993). He has published articles on Dante in Dante Studies (1977); on Middle English lyric in Studies in Philology (1978); and on Old Provencal lyric in Magister Regis (Fordham University Press , 1986). He is currently co-editing The Chaucer Encyclopedia and preparing the Variorum edition of The Parson's Tale. Professor Ransom teaches courses in the history of English, medieval literature, and Chaucer. In his graduate seminars he focuses on the techniques of textual analysis and editing, and on the facts of literary texts rather than on theory. He feels "most comfortable in the lecture format" but is "happy to give free rein to discussion that is truly engaging."

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