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Professor Schleifer is George Lynn Cross Research Professor of English and Adjunct Professor in the College of Medicine . From 1976 to 2000 he served as Editor of Genre: Forms of Discourse and Culture; and from 1986 to 1999 he served as co-editor of The Oklahoma Project for Discourse and Theory, a series of books published by the University of Oklahoma Press . In 1999 he was the Director of the Annual Convention for the Society for Literature and Science, held in Norman . Presently, he is co-editor of Mariner 10: Cross-Disciplinary DVD ROMS, a series of electronic, interactive titles published by the University of Pennsylvania Press. Professor Schleifer has written, translated, or edited nineteen books. The most recent include Intangible Materialism: The Body, Scientific Knowledge, and the Power of Poetry (Minnesota, 2009); Medicine and Humanistic Understanding, a DVD-ROM (Pennsylvania, 2005), co-authored with Jerry Vannatta, MD and Sheila Crow; Modernism and Time: The Logic of Abundance in Literature, Science, and Culture 1880- 1930, (Cambridge, 2000); and Analogical Thinking: Post-Enlightenment Understanding of Language, Collaboration, and Interpretation (Michigan, 2000). He also edited (with David Jobling and Tina Pippin) A Postmodern Bible Reader (Blackwell, 2001) and (with Robert Con Davis) Contemporary Literary Criticism, now in its fourth edition (Longman, 1998). Professor Schleifer has authored more than seventy scholarly articles on literary modernism, critical theory, semiotics, science/medicine and literature, and the cultural study of music  His recent articles include "Don Giovanni and the Storytelling of Isak Dinesen:  Mosiac Art and the Articulation of Desire" (2009); a series of seven articles entitled "The Role of Narrative in the Everyday Practice of Medicine: A Symposium in Seven Parts," co-authored with Jerry Vannatta and Sheila Crow (2009); "The Semiotics of Speculation: A. J. Greimas and the Example of Literary Criticism" (2009); "Discourse Theory and the Teaching of Writing," trans. into Russian (2007); and "The Logic of Diagnosis: Peirce, Literary Narrative, and the History of Present Illness" (co-authored with Jerry Vannatta, Philosophy and Medicine 2006). In recent years, Professor Schleifer has been invited to lecture in Lausanne, Moscow, Salzburg, China, and Singapore .  He teaches twentieth-century literature and literary and cultural theory for undergraduate and graduate students and courses on literature and medicine at the Norman and OU Health Sciences Center campuses. He has also developed a seminar for scholarly writing for graduate students, which he offers at OU and in annual workshops in Denmark.

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