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Jonathan Stalling is an Associate Professor of English at OU specializing in Modern-Contemporary American and East-West Poetics, Comparative Literature, and Translation Studies and is the co-founder and editor of Chinese Literature Today magazine and book series (University of Oklahoma Press) and the (21st Century North American-Chinese Literature Research and Translation Series” (21世纪北美中国文学研究著译丛书) published by China’s Academy of Social Sciences Press and is the founder and the director of the MAE Poetry Reading Series at OU His books include Poetics of Emptiness (Fordham University Press), Grotto Heaven (Chax Press), Yingelishi (Counterpath Press), Winter Sun: The Poetry of Shi Zhi (Oklahoma University Press), and he is an editor of The Chinese Character as a Medium for Poetry (Fordham UP). Stalling’s opera “Yingelishi (吟歌丽诗) was performed at Yunnan University in 2010, and Winter Sun is presently a finalist for the National Translation Award. His newest publication is a chapbook written in collaboration with the poet/critic Laura Mullen:

Forthcoming books include a book-length poem entitled “Lost Wax” that follows a single poem from its “clay” original (written in English), through its translation into “wax” (Chinese), before its final translation into "bronze" (English again). The final sculpture/poem explores the relationship of art to mimesis and translation to sculpture as the poem passes through the hands of a “foundry” staffed by many of the most well respected translator-poets (from Chinese into English) working today. Each foundry member spent one 4-8 hour shift “chasing” the “wax” and/or “bronze” forms of the poem. The final text, both in term of its content and form, explores poetry as poiesis (making) through variously filled voids leaving behind a record of its lost-wax.

Over the last 15 years, Stalling has explored the poetics of transliteration and interlanguages (his thesis at the University of Edinburgh in 2000 was entitled “Prefacing the Text: Toward a Transliterational Telos”) and this work led to the publication of Yingelishi and more recently Phonotaxis, but over the last several years this preoccupation has led to two larger projects. The first is a new critical work that revises poststructuralist linguistics by way of introducing accent as an epistemic space that challenges currently accepted ideas of ‘voice’ and even what constitutes a “language” or “language” itself. The second project has taken expanded these theories into radical new paradigms of ESL pedagogy and transliteration algorithms and other novel embodiments developed at and licensed by OU.

Dr. Stalling teaches a variety of undergraduate courses including the introduction to literary and cultural studies (theory), 20th Century American Poetry, East-West Poetics, Buddhism and Beat Literature among others and graduate seminar topics including Postmodern Poetics, Transpacific Literature and Criticism, and Literary and Cultural Theory. In addition to OU courses Dr. Stalling has organized a statewide poetry project that taught classical Chinese poetic forms to K-14 students in Oklahoma. His teaching materials and the contest winners can be seen below:

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