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James J. Yoch

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Professor Yoch's research interests include Shakespeare, Italian Renaissance drama, movies 1930-1942, and connections between literature and landscape. His articles have appeared in Studies in Philology (luminous palaces in Stuart masques), Forum Italicum (Tasso's Aminta and the gardens of Ferrara), and Architectural Digest (landscaped sets in movies including Gone With the Wind). His essays on Renaissance tragicomedy and The Faithful Shepherdess appeared in Genre and Politics, on the staging of Italian pastorals in Elizabethan Theatre, and on Shakespeare's pastorals in Shakespeare and Pageantry. With Eugene Enrico, he has produced several TV programs including an hour-long video with Emma Kirkby starring as Isabella d'Este, First Lady of the Renaissance (PBS). From an ongoing interest in American studies, he has published Landscaping the American Dream: The Gardens and Film Sets of Florence Yoch, 1890-1972 and the Guide to Villa Philbrook and its Gardens. His Dreamer on the Golden Shore: Phineas Banning in California 1851-1885 explores Greek Revival style, romantic literature, epistolary rhetoric, and American entrepreneurship. His Paris lecture on “Royal Inefficacy: Pastoral Subversions in the Scenes of Versailles,” appeared in Word and Image Interactions (2011).

His teaching interests focus on students as active participants. He encourages them to perform plays, compose tv and film scripts based on canonical literature, and create cartoon series, movies and paintings in response to readings. His undergraduate classes include Shakespeare, classical and continental backgrounds of the Renaissance, world literature to 1700, and drama from several periods. His graduate seminars have studied the Masque; Shakespeare: Performance Theory/ Film/ and Computers, and Neoclassicism the Renaissance English Stage. The Folger Shakespeare Library chose him to lecture in its summer series on Shakespeare Set Free (2011, 2012). He has developed a new course, Techno-Thrillers/ Cyber-Punk and in 2014 will teach Literature and Landscape.

His exhibition, Personal Edens, on the gardens and films of Florence Yoch began at the Huntington Library and travelled to museums across the United States. Venues in which he has lectured include the Scripps Humanities Symposium, Detroit Museum of Art, New York Central Park Conservancy, San Diego Art Museum, the Huntington Library, California Historical Society, and University of Delhi.

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