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Meet Our Graduate Students

Take a look at recent grad student conference presentations and publications.

Picture of Katie Bramlett

Katie K. Bramlett
Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy MA Student

Academic interests: I am interested in composition pedagogy, English as a Second Language Students, Service Learning Literature, and rhetoric and identity.

Hometown: Alva, Oklahoma

Previous degrees: BA from the University of Oklahoma in English with a German minor

Why OU? I choose the CRL OU program because it's a great school, town, and program. The teachers really care about their students and it's an easy town to balance your academic and social life.

Extracurricular activites & interests? Student Association of Graduate English Scholars (SAGES), reading, writing, running, Germany, and traveling.


Waleila (Lydia) Carey

MA Student in Native American Studies

Academic interests: Indigenous women, oral traditions, government policy and sovereignty

Hometown: Tahlequah, OK by way of La Crescenta, CA

Previous degrees: BA in English and History, MA in History

Why OU? It has been a childhood dream to attend OU. It has a Native American Studies department in its initial offering this year, and a strong academic reputation.

Extracurricular activities & interests: I’m an activist and will probably be involved in Native issues. I love football and support all women’s sports.

Email: or

Picture of Nancy El Gendy

Nancy El Gendy
PhD Candidate in Literary and Cultural Studies focusing on Arab American Literature with a secondary emphasis in Theory

Academic Interests:  My academic interests include contemporary Multiethnic American discourse by women as well as literary and cultural theories. I am currently finishing my PhD dissertation, “The Female Muslim Body in Twenty-First Century Arab American Discourse by Women,” in which I am exploring various ways in which contemporary Arab and Arab American women writers deal with the social construction of dominant cultural mythologies associated with “the Muslim female body.”

Country:  I was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt

Previous Degrees:  I got my BA and MA in English from Ain Shams University and Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt. I wrote my MA thesis on the Native American writer Louise Erdrich

Why OU?  I chose the English department at OU for its balanced focus on research and teaching as well as literature and theory, its diverse areas of studies, and above all its particularly dedicated and giving faculty members who embrace various areas of expertise. As an international scholar, I particularly appreciate the positive energy, friendliness, and warmth I get from our department.

Extracurricular Interests:  Reading, exploring contemporary art museums, experiencing music from different parts of the world, travelling, and creating food (what people call cooking).

E-Mail Address:

Picture of Rain Gomez

Rain Gomez

Rain C. Goméz, is the Sutton Doctoral Candidate Fellow in Literary and Cultural Studies. She won the 2009 First Book Award Poetry for Smoked Mullet Cornbread Crawdad Memory (Mongrel Empire Press- 2012), from Native Writers’ Circle of the Americas. Currently she is completing her dissertation (defense 03/2014): Gumbo Banaha Stories: Louisiana Indigeneity and the Transnational South, which is located at the intersections of Louisiana Indian (Choctaw, Houma, Tunica-Biloxi, Caddo, and other Southeastern Indian Nations) and Louisiana Creole (mestizo/métis) textual survivance narratives within \Southern literatures. This work seeks to reinsert Indigenous voices into the Southern cannon illustrating Louisiana as Gulf, Caribbean, Southern, Indigenous, French, Latinidad, and American; highlighting Louisiana’s Indigenous literatures as transracial and transnational in their dialogues. Rain has completed her second book of poetry Miscegenation Round Dance: Poèmes Historiques. Her academic work is forthcoming and/or may be found in: American Indian Culture and Research Journal, Louisiana Folklife Journal, Undead Souths: Beyond the Gothic, The Southern Literary Journal, and Yellow Medicine Review. Creative and multigenre work has been published or is forthcoming in such journals and anthologies as Tidal Basin Review, SING: Indigenous Poetry of the Americas, Yellow Medicine Review, Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence, Good Medicine: An Anthology of Native American Humor, and many more.

Previous degrees: B.A. Seton Hill University; English, minor Creative Writing M.A. University of Michigan; American Studies (American Indian Studies emphasis) Post-Graduate Michigan State; American Studies (American Indian Studies & Theory)

Areas of interest: American Indian Literature; Critical Mixed Race Studies; Louisiana Creole Studies & Literatures; Southern Literary Studies, Indigenous Diaspora and Media; Comparative Literatures of Color; Indigenous Material cultures; Indigenous Rhetorics; Creative Writing (Poetry & Multigenre).


Picture of Brian Hudson

Brian Hudson

Ph.D. student in Literary and Cultural Studies focusing on Native American Literatures with a secondary emphasis in Theory

Academic interests: Native American theory and literatures, Cherokee literature and culture, Human-Animal Studies, Critical Animal Studies, Indigenous futurism, late nineteenth to early twentieth century Irish literature.

Hometown: Bushyhead, OK

Previous degrees: Bachelor of Arts from Northeastern State University with a major in English and a minor in Psychology.

Why OU? Several respected professors I encountered during my undergraduate studies received their doctoral degrees from OU. They informed me that the faculty members at this university are continually publishing works in their field, and therefore have their fingers on the pulse of the current critical schools and movements. The fields of theory and Native American studies are of particular interest to me, and OU is highly regarded in both of these arenas.

Extracurricular activities & interests: reading good literature, singing bad karaoke, rescuing animals, and playing roller derby.

Rachel Jackson

PhD Student in Composition/Rhetoric/Literacy with a secondary emphasis in Native American Studies.

Academic interests: Oklahoma regional studies, working class studies, transnationalism, rhetorical recovery, archival work, and community literacy partnerships.

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Previous degrees: MA in English Language and Literature (emphasis on American Literature), University of Tulsa; BA in English, minor in philosophy, University of Central Oklahoma

Why OU? The faculty in the CRL program and their areas of interest, and the opportunities for experience in writing program administration and curriculum design.

Extracurricular activities & interests: My activities include involvement in professional organizations such as the National Council of Teachers of English and Rhetoric Society of America, tribal organizations such as the Cherokee Historical Society, the Chickasaw Arts and Humanities Division, and the Meredith Indigenous Humanities Center, and state organizations such as the Oklahoma Humanities Council. I am interested in local history and culture, community building, sustainable agriculture, and grassroots art.

Anything else of interest? I coordinate the Kiowa Clemente Course in the Humanities through the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.


Amanda Klinger

Ph.D. Candidate focusing on literature of the British Romantic period with a secondary emphasis in 18th-Century British literature.

Academic interests: representations of consumer and commodity culture; urban life and culture, particularly in London; flânerie or the art of walking in London; sensibility.

Hometown: Tyler, Texas

Previous degrees: BA in English from the University of Texas at Tyler; MA in English (literary and cultural studies) from the University of Oklahoma

Why OU? The supportive graduate student community and the English department, excellent and supportive professors, teaching experience.

Excurricular activies & interests: travel, spending time with family, amateur film studies, long walks, reading, cooking and eating, and hanging out with my corgi, Rutherford.


Picture of Jarrod McCarney

Jarrod A. McCartney
PhD Student

Academic interests: Transatlantic Modernism, Masculinity and Sport Studies, Native American Studies

Hometown: Red Cloud, NE

Previous degrees: B.A. in English Literature and in Philosophy from Hastings College in Hastings, NE. M.A. in English/American Studies from Kansas State University

Why OU? I chose OU because of the diverse strengths of the program. I am simultaneously studying Modernism, Native American Studies, and Sports and finding a surprising amount of overlap due in part to the diligence and support of my peers and my academic advisors. The atmosphere is collegial instead of cutthroat.

Extracurricular activites & interests? Baseball (especially the New York Mets), music, television, film, gardening, outdoor activities, making lists.


Picture of Joseph Mulder

Joseph E. Mulder
MA in Literary & Cultural Studies

Academic interests: Creative Writing, Technical Writing, Film.

Hometown: Prinsburg, MN

Previous degrees: AA from Ridgewater College; BA in Literature & Creative Writing from Southwest Minnesota State University

Why OU? I chose OU in order to gain experience teaching and designing lesson plans for the composition classroom. I also wanted to collaborate with faculty, friends, and colleagues from the OU English department and become a part of Sooner Nation.

Extracurricular activites & interests? Movies, Writing, Running, Concerts, Thunder Basketball, Vikings Football


Alison Page

MA Student in Theory and Media

Academic Interests: Theory, Gender Studies, Rhetoric and Technology, Linguistics, Creative Writing

Hometown: Tulsa, OK

Previous Degrees: BA English,University of Central Arkansas

Why OU? I am excited about joining this great community while gaining teaching experience and pursuing my Masters degree. OU is a great fit for me!

Extracurricular Interests: running, reading, writing, history

E-Mail Address:

Cindy Ross

PhD Student in Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy

Academic interests: Historiography, feminist rhetorical practices, and 19th to early 20th century African American literature. Since I taught for 12 years prior to entering the program (both community college and high school) I am also deeply interested in issues of access, critical pedagogy, and the politics surrounding writing instruction and curriculum development.

Hometown: Madisonville, Texas

Previous degrees: Earned a BA in English Education and an MA in English (2001) from the State University of New York at Potsdam.

Why OU: I chose OU because it is one of the few schools with a strong CRL program that emphasizes literacy.

Extracurricular activities & interests: In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, walking, and biking, and of course, reading.


Picture of Steven Sexton

Steven B. Sexton
PhD Student in Native American Studies
Grad Foundation Fellow

Academic interests: Native American literature, poetry, modern and postmodern

Hometown: Lawton, OK

Previous degrees: BA in English, University of New Mexico

Why OU? It’s the best program for my field

Extracurricular activities & interests: Going to the beach, climbing mountains, golf, trick-or-treating, accounting, volleyball, cross-country skiing, hot air balloon piloting, bowling, picnics, watching television, OU football (BOOMER!!)

Anything else of interest? I have no birthmarks



Picture of Heidi Silcox

Heidi M. Silcox

PhD Student (3rd Year)

Academic interests: Late 19th/early 20th century British and American literature. Specifically, I study Aestheticism in a transatlantic context during this time frame.

Hometown: Uniontown, Ohio

Previous degrees: B.A. The Ohio State University; J.D. The University of Akron School of Law; M.A. The University of Central Oklahoma

Extracurricular activities & interests: Writing science fiction (I am currently working on a steampunk novel in the spirit of Cherie Priest), attending plays, and traveling.



Picture of Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth K. Smith

PhD Student

Academic interests: Nineteenth-century American Literature, Geography and Cartography

Hometown: Springfield, MO

Previous degrees: B.A. English Literature, Minor in History (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), M.A. in English Literature (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

Why OU? I was especially attracted to the departmental emphasis in cultural studies and theory, and resources available for undertaking interdisciplinary research.

Extracurricular activities & interests: Running, hiking, and spending summer months in Colorado.

Anything else of interest? I ran cross country and track as an undergraduate, and have competed in Chicago Marathon (2009) and New York City Marathon (2011). I look forward to running Boston Marathon this Spring, 2013.



Picture of Tara Wood

Tara K. Wood
PhD candidate in the Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy Program

Academic interests: I am interested in the intersection between disability studies and composition pedagogy, as well as issues of access, feminist theory, and pain/trauma narratives.

Hometown: Wichita Falls, TX

Previous degrees: MA in English with a concentration in Rhetoric and Composition, from Colorado State University and a BA in English with a concentration in Writing, also from Colorado State University

Why OU? The CRL program at OU suits my academic goals and my family is from the region.

Extracurricular activites & interests? In my spare time, I enjoy recreating in the outdoors, playing piano, practicing yoga, and spending time with my beautiful family.












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