Meet Our Staff

Sara Day
First-Year and Graduate Programs Assistant
Gittinger Hall, Room 123

B.A. in English and a B.A in Religion and Philosophy, Lyon College

I handle applications, scheduling, and other administrative things for the department’s Graduate students. You might also see me in the Front Office sometimes when Jen is away. I just started here in November 2011, so I’m still learning my way around. I’ve been living in Norman for two years, and have been in Oklahoma for about eight. I was an Air Force brat, so I can’t claim a hometown, but I do know more than most about international junk food. In my free time I make things, mostly jewelry and assemblage sculpture. Some of my other interests include theater, living history, world music, and games of all types. I also love laser tag more than a grown-up probably should.

Picture of Brett Burkhart

Brett Burkhart
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Gittinger Hall, Room 121

B.A. in English, University of Oklahoma
M.A.T. in Education, University of Alaska Anchorage
M.A. in English, University of Oklahoma

I have served the University of Oklahoma as an academic advisor since Fall 2007, and have been the Undergraduate Advisor for the Department of English since Summer 2011. I am responsible for working with undergraduates and faculty in the areas of academic advisement, recordkeeping, and course scheduling, among other duties. My professional memberships and staff sponsorships include the Undergraduate Studies Committee, CASACAA, NACADA, PACAA, OACADA, The English Club, and Sigma Tau Delta. In addition to my role as an advisor, I am also a Ph.D. student in English. My primary area of concentration is Native American literature. I am especially interested in Cherokee literature and literature by and about Oklahomans. Working as an advisor in the English department allows me to combine the fulfillment of achieving my own academic goals with the satisfaction that accompanies assisting undergraduates in making positive choices toward successful academic careers.

Picture of Elyon Wall-Ellis

Elyon Wall-Ellis
Staff Assistant
Gittinger Hall, Room 113

B.S. in Interior Design, University of Oklahoma

Being hired in the department many years ago –you could say I am the old dog around here – even at my tender young age. I have taken my turn at a few of the positions here and I am now the administrative assistant to the chair, Dr. Catherine John. I still am the back up for the Graduate Programs and First-Year Composition office and of course don’t forget the main department office. (for computers or advising you’ll have to go somewhere else – but I can direct you!)

I am an original townie—SOONER BORN – so of course I had to keep the tradition alive so, in 1988 my son was born here….Raised on fall football games (both Norman High and OU) and all other grand Sooner traditions, I truly bleed crimson.

Picture of Jen Tucker

Jen Tucker
Staff Asst. II,
Department of English
Gittinger Hall, Room 113

B.A. in Fine Art from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

I run the front office of the English Department. I can direct you to the people you need to find when it comes to questions and concerns in English Studies. I’m here from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday.

When I’m not at work, here at the University, I am most likely painting, gardening, or re-purposing something. I also love playing video games and am an avid Star Wars collector. If you ever stop by the office, you will catch a glimpse of some of my influences in my décor.


Picture of Jack Day Jack Day
Computer Lab Manager; Department IT Specialist.
Gittinger Hall, Rm 237

B.A. in English, Northwestern State University

"Magic Man"..."Purveyor of All Updates Holy"..."Silicon Saint"... regardless of whatever mystic title used to describe this dark and mysterious stranger, he's the one people depend on when problems arise, sliding forth from the shadows to aid the meek and... oh come on, enough with this pathetic drivel. He's a hideous twit and we all know it.

   Jack "Hideous Twit" Day serves as the Laboratory Manager for the English Department. Born in Maryland, he considers himself a Southern Californian (where he grew up), and ardently argues for the introduction of In & Out Burger joints, better amusement parks, and a "real" beach (with mondo surf, dudes!) down the west side of Norman. When he's not upgrading computers, throttling viruses handily, or managing the computer labs, he enjoys celebrating the 1980s (be it music, cartoons, movies... whatever), playing with his computer/game systems, hanging out with friends, and generally being a smart aleck.

Picture of Jen Elsner
Jen Elsner
Assistant Computer Lab Manager
Gittinger Hall, Rm 237

B.A. in Anthropology and History, University of Oklahoma
M.A. in Professional Writing, University of Oklahoma

I work as Jack's assistant, ensuring that the computer labs are running smoothly, and performing various other IT duties as requested. I have worked for the OU English Department since 2002, in one capacity or another, providing IT support to students, faculty, and staff, as well as being the former FYC/Grad Programs assistant.

   My focus is screenwriting, but I have written a novel, some short stories, part of a novella series, a feature-length screenplay, and have published two non-fiction books. I love movies, video games, and board games, and my current pop culture obsessions include Doctor Who and Xena. Oh, and if there’s ever a time when you feel the need to buy me a little gift, Starbucks gift cards are always appreciated.
















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