Doctoral Dissertation for Literary and Cultural Studies and Composition/Rhetoric/Literacy

Dissertation Committee: Preferably in the semester immediately after that in which the General Examination has been passed (an no more than two semesters after), the student should constitute a Doctoral Dissertation Committee. In most cases, the Dissertation Committee will be the same as the Advisory Committee; it the Committee is reconstituted, it must have the same structure as the Advisory Committee, and the change must be approved by the Graduate College.

Dissertation Proposal: After passing the General Examination, a student must present a dissertation proposal in writing to his or her Dissertation Committee. The Dissertation Proposal should contain: (a) a substantive, cogent overview of proposed topic and research; (b) a clear chapter outline, with chapter titles and summaries; (c) a thoroughly researched comprehensive bibliography on the topic. The student must meet formally with the entire Dissertation Committee and obtain its approval of the proposal. If a student fails to present and receive approval for a Dissertation Proposal within two semesters after passing the General Examination, he or she may be placed on academic probation.

Starting the semester after successfully completing the General Examination, a student may register for Dissertation Research credit hours with the chair of his or her Dissertation Committee.

Credit for Dissertation Research for dissertation Proposal: 3 hrs
Dissertation Research: The student should register for 3 or 6 credit hours each semester continuously after the approval of the Dissertation Proposal. Minimum credit required: 15 hrs

Literary and Cultural Studies
Composition, Rhetoric and Literacy

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