Annual Evaluations of Ph.D. Students and Teaching Assistants

Each graduate student will be evaluated formally at the end of each academic year, and a report filed with the Department's Graduate Office and the Graduate College. The annual evaluation of each current graduate student will be an occasion for a careful (re)assessment of his or her scholastic progress, accomplishments, and prospects of continuation in the program.

If a student's annual evaluation indicates that he or she is not making satisfactory progress in either the scholastic or the teaching program, or both, the Graduate committee will review the case and make an appropriate recommendation, such as further advisement, probation, etc.

Towards the end of each Fall semester, a Ph.D. student will submit to his or her Adviser a folder containing a substantial sample of graded assignments done for various courses during that calendar year.

The Adviser will submit a written evaluation for the student's file based on:

(a) a review of the student's grades and GPA;
(b) the student's progress according to the plan of study drawn up in the first semester; and
(c) the sample of graded assignments.

The Adviser may also meet with the student and consult with his or her instructors during that year in order to make a well informed, overall assessment. The Adviser may further solicit brief written evaluations of the student from his or her instructors and attach them to the Annual Evaluation as supporting documents. Each academic year, the annual evaluations of graduate students will be discussed in a meeting of the Department's graduate faculty as a whole before the Annual Evaluations are placed in students' files and sent to the Graduate College. Students will receive a copy of this evaluation and may request to read their own files at any time.

If a student is serving as a teaching assistant, the annual scholastic evaluation will be accompanied by an evaluation of his or her teaching skills and overall professional conduct as a member of the First-Year Composition program. This teaching evaluation will be prepared by the Director of First-Year Composition or his/her faculty appointee. The evaluation will include a report on a class visit and an individual conference with the student. The teaching evaluation will be placed in the student's teaching file in the Department. It will provide one basis for the renewal or non-renewal of his or her teaching assistantship for the following academic year.

The Student Annual Evaluation will be sent to the Graduate Office for the student's file and a copy sent to the Graduate College. The student will have access to each Annual Evaluation and teaching evaluation in his or her file in the Department.

All renewals of assistantships will be based on the teaching and scholastic Annual Evaluations and will be made by the Graduate Committee and the Director of First-Year Composition working together.

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