Ph.D. Program Teaching Requirement

Each Ph.D. student is required to have a one-year teaching experience as part of the doctoral degree. Each academic year, the Graduate Committee will determine the specific ways in which particular students will be able to fulfill the teaching requirement, depending on the Department's resources and needs. This teaching experience may include teaching as an assistant or as an adjunct, as well as working as a grader in the Department, or as a tutor in the Writing Center. Since this teaching does not carry credit hours, we will not "transfer" teaching experience from other institutions for this requirement.

All Ph.D. students therefore must take the Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy (C/R/L) teaching course for a credit of 3 hrs, and acquire teaching experience, as determined by the Graduate Committee, for at least one academic year. The credit for the C/R/L teaching course will be counted in the 57 hours for the Ph.D.

NOTE: If a Ph.D. student has received an M.A. from our Department, and has been a teaching assistant while doing that degree, he or she need not repeat the teaching course; and may use the earlier teaching experience to fulfill the Ph.D. teaching requirement.

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