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Approved Courses - Minor Degree Programs

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The Environmental Studies Minors Programs

The Environmental Studies minor is designed to enable students to develop knowledge and skills in areas related to environmental issues and to expose them to the inherently interdisciplinary nature of environmental inquiry. By making students aware of the range of approaches to the environment, the Environmental Studies and related minors prepare them for the multidisciplinary teamwork that is central to many environmental careers.

The Environmental Studies minor also provides undergraduate students with a way to organize some of their general education requirements into a coherent package. Many, though not all, of the courses approved for the Environmental Studies minor fulfill general education or upper division course requirements.

Minors are available to all students within the University of Oklahoma. Minors that are officially declared and successfully completed will be entered on the student's transcript at the time the degree is posted after graduation.

Students are expected to contact the Environmental Studies Office and officially declare their intention to complete a minor in Environmental Studies. Students outside the College of Arts & Sciences must contact the Arts and Sciences Dean's Office for certification of completion of a minor before it will be authorized on the transcript.

If you want to sign up for the Environmental Studies minor, or for more information, contact the program office:

Elizabeth (Liz) Ross