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Are you ready for your life beyond graduation?

Get a jump start with an Environmental Studies Internship! (ENST 3800)

Internships are fabulous resume builders and reference connections for future career opportunities!

We have some suggested internship opportiunities that may be a great fit for you, but there are many more out there! Feel free to peruse our list of possibilities below the image.

Would you also like to recieve ENST 3800, upper division course credit, toward a major requirement or perhaps to simply have this experience show up on your transcripts when applying for future careers? If so, you will be required to complete the ENST 3800: Environmental Internship Application Form (downloadable pdf below) following the instructions below before you can officially enroll in ENST 3800.  

  1. Set up a planning and discussion meeting between the student and the internship site supervisor.  
  2. At this time, a majority of the application is to be completely filled out (including student and supervisor signatures). 
  3. The student should then submit the form to the Environmental Studies program office (303 Sutton Hall, OU) for the Environmental Studies director to sign for approval with his confirmation of the major credit requirements that it would fulfill. Requirements fulfilled will be based on tasks and objectives described on the form. 
  4. You will then be contacted by the Environmental Studies Program informing you to enroll. Please allow a couple business days for the OU Enrollment Office to set up the course before expecting to be able to enroll. 
  5. Once you receive approval confirmation by email you may start your internship for credit consideration. Any additional work and time put into this is up to you and the quality of the relationship and recommendation you hope to receive from this experience.
pdf ENST 3800: Environmental Internship Application Form for 2018-2019
Download the ENST 3800: Environmental Internship Application Form by clicking link above
Mistie Swinford - ENST 2017 Minor Graduate working in her internship at WildCare Foundation, Inc. of Noble, OK.
Mistie Swinford - ENST 2017 Minor Graduate working in her internship at WildCare Foundation, Inc. of Noble, OK.
pdf BlueThumb2018-InternshipAnnouncement.pdf
NEW Posting for Water Quality Testing Work! -Blue Thumb Summer Internship - OK Conservation Commission Water Quality Division (Click the link above for more info)
Oklahoma Aquarium Internship
One of the researchers at the Oklahoma Aquarium is “fragging” corals in the Small Animal Holding Facility. She is researching the fluorescent properties of coral.

Please Note: This is not a comprehensive list, and is continuously expanding

OU Career Search Resources

At OU, we understand that in any given semester of tough coursework it may seem like an impossible task to find time to plan for post-graduate life. OU's Career Services Center and The OU College of Arts & Sciences, Career Development Office both offer a variety of opportunities developed specifically to help make internship searching and career planning easier for you. Click on the Career Development Info in the navigation bar or directly on the links below to learn more about various career possibilities in Environmental Studies and these career/internship search resources at OU...