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Environmental Internships

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Environmental Internships

Oklahoma Aquarium Intern testing pH levels of a water sample within the chemistry lab.
Oklahoma Aquarium Intern testing pH levels of a water sample within the chemistry lab.

Intern at the Oklahoma Aquarium!

The Oklahoma Aquarium offers students the opportunity to get involved with our day-to-day operations and work with staff. Students who participate in our intern programs will receive credit for their time spent working at the Oklahoma Aquarium.

General Program Requirements and Expectations (please also read specific requirements for the position you are applying):

  • Currently enrolled in college or vocational program
  • Major and/or high interest level for the field of the internship in which you are applying
  • Enthusiasm!
  • Good standing with your school
  • Must receive some credit for hours worked
  • Adhere to dress codes and all other rules established for all Oklahoma Aquarium employees and other staff


  • Congenial working environment.
  • College credit
  • References and recommendations
  • Opportunity to work in a world-class aquatic facility

Other Information, including contact to seek permission and internship availability are available at the following link... OKAquarium internship info.

Earth Rebirth in Norman, OK offers internships near OU's main campus.
EarthRebirth in Norman offers internships near OU's main campus.

Intern at Earth Rebirth in Norman, OK!

If you enjoy community outreach in conservation and education programming to help start community garden projects, environmental education and conservation that can be practiced in every home/community, Earth Rebirth is a great place to intern or just visit for attending a program yourself!

Information Links on Internship and Career Searching:

Thinking about interning outside of Norman or the state of Oklahoma?