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Courses Highlights this Fall 2020:

Complete Spring 2019 list of ENST courses:

  • ENST 1013-001: Consumption & the Environment - with R. Sherry
  • ENST 1013-995: Consumption & the Environment - with R. Sherry
  • ENST 2203-001: Ecosystem Impacts of CLimate Change - with R. Sherry
  • ENST 3243-995: Introduction to Water Law - with E. Remmel
  • ENST 3463-001: Water and Ecological Sustainability - with J. Byers
  • ENST 3653-995: Community Conservation - with J. Wallis
  • ENST 3743-995: Biology Invasions & Society - with R. Sherry
  • ENST 4983-900: Environmental Studies Capstone - with R. Peppler

*OU Environmental Studies Summer Session Course Offerings: Still Available - see below!

Please note when the first two courses in the following list are offered, they can fulfill Gen. Ed. and Major Program requirements on your checksheet simultaneously:

ENST 1013: Consumption & the Environment/Intro to Environmental Studies  for fulfillment of Gen Ed Social Science credit and Env. Social Science requirements for the ENST Major 

- ENST 2203: Ecosystem Impacts Climate Change for fulfillment of Gen Ed Natural Science & Env. Natural Science requirements for the ENST Major

- ENST 4983: Environmental Capstone now offered for Environmental Studies majors. Presently offered in conjunction with, ENST 5053: Advanced Environmental Studies for an introduction to the Master's-level Environmental Studies Program

Interested in Conservation issues? Need an interesting upper division elective? Spring Session 2019 offers three Environmental Studies courses, two of which have upper division credits designation

Enrollment for intersession courses remains open, more details in or by sending email to the instructor for enrollment permission and course info

OU Environmental Studies Courses this Summer 2020:

  • ENST 2003-995: Water Resources Advocacy - with E. Remmel
  • ENST 3313-995: Garden-Community-Environment - with R. Sherry
  • ENST 3503-995: Energy Use, Climate & Environment - with R. Sherry
  • ENST 3633-995: Wilderness Philosophy - with A. Gibson

As always, Environmental Internships and Research Opportunities are available for credit through the application and matching processes detailed on the ERES and Internships pages in the navigation bar.