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Course Offerings

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OU Environmental Studies Courses currently being offered this Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

Please note when the folllwing courses are offered, they can fulfill 2 checksheet requirements simultaneously:

Offered this Fall 2018 & Spring 2019 - ENST 1013: Consumption & the Environment/Intro to Environmental Studies for fulfillment of Gen Ed Social Science credit and Env. Social Science requirements for the ENST Major  - (Fall 2018)


Coming in Spring 2019 - ENST 2203: Ecosystem Impacts Climate Change for fulfillment of Gen Ed Natural Science & Env. Natural Science requirements for the ENST Major

ENST Fall 2018 Course Offerings: Intersession Courses Still Available

  • ENST 3663-850: Hot Topics in Wildlife Conservation
Images of City Parks, Cattle Farming and a Farmer's Market used on Course Flyers for Fall 2018 ENST Courses
Images from ENST Course Flyers for Fall 2018

ENST Spring 2019 Course Offerings:

  • ENST 1013-900: Consumption & the Environment - with R. Sherry
  • ENST 2203-001: Ecosystem Impacts Climate Change - with R. Sherry
  • ENST 2623-995: Human-Wildlife Interactions - with J. Wallis
  • ENST 3243-995: Introduction to Water Law - with E. Remmel
  • ENST 3463-001: Water & Ecol Sustainability - with J. Beyer
  • ENST 3653-995: Community Conservation - with J. Wallis
  • ENST 5053-001: Advanced Env. - with M. Patten