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Scholarships available at OU

The Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub (CASH) is now open for 2018-2019 scholarships. CASH can be accessed at The deadline to submit scholarship applications is February 1, 2018.

CASH includes financial aid scholarships, college-wide scholarships, general OU scholarships, departmental scholarships, many study abroad scholarships, as well as Campus Awards. Current undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for scholarships through CASH.

Completing CASH qualifies students for hundreds of scholarships based on major, need, essays, special criteria, and merit, among many other factors. For questions about CASH and the scholarship process, please email

A little student feedback…
We’ve recently heard feedback from students asking, “Is CASH worth it? Is it worth our time?” We know some students won’t go through the effort of CASH because they either haven’t received a scholarship through CASH before or they don’t believe scholarships through CASH are worth their time. It’s definitely important and CASH is “worth it!” If you complete scholarship applications through CASH, this qualifies you for hundreds of scholarships at OU! If you don’t apply at all, you have no chance of receiving anything. Even if you aren’t awarded a scholarship from a committee, if you are struggling financially, we always look to see if you have a completed scholarship application on file before assessing any discretionary scholarship needs. CASH IS WORTH IT.

Scholarship Genius
Scholarship Genius to gives you an idea of what students like you (who completed scholarship applications in the past and received a scholarship) were awarded through the University:

If you have any questions about the application, please email They will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.