10 Keys to Success



1. Use the Resources Available to You at the OU Library
The University of Oklahoma library has many powerful research tools that can give you a head start towards success in your classes. If you are not already familiar with the resources the library offers, learning about them is easy ...thanks to online tutorials that the OU library provides.
To access a full list of these tutorials, click here.
Additional help options from the OU library on the Norman campus is available by clicking here, and on the Tulsa campus by clicking here.
All HR students, regardless of location, are eligible to use the OU Library. To sign in to the library website and have access to electronic journals and all library services, you will need your 4x4 and your OU password. Click here to go to the library's homepage.

2. Improve Your Writing Skills
Effective writing is essential to your academic success and will continue to be beneficial to you throughout your professional career. Along with the books and articles about developing your writing skills that are available from the OU Library, OU's writing centers are an excellent free resource. They will assist you with personalized help, online or in person. Click on the links below to learn how the writing centers can help you:
For the writing center in Norman, click here.
For the writing center in Tulsa, click here.

3. Understand “Academic Misconduct”
Students, like faculty, must produce academic work that is the product of their own independent efforts, but research papers are usually drawn from many sources, including works that have been published by other researchers. However, there are very specific standards for when and how to use and cite the works of others in our writings. Failure to follow these standards is considered a breach of academic conduct and can have serious consequences. If we “cheat”, either by copying on a test in a classroom or by plagiarizing other researcher’s work and presenting that work as our own in a paper we have written, it constitutes academic misconduct. The best way to avoid committing academic misconduct is to understand the accepted standards for using and citing works from articles, books, and other sources.
The OU Provost on the Norman campus has prepared a “Student’s Guide to Academic Integrity”, and every student in the MHR program should read and understand it. If you are in doubt about what might constitute plagiarism or academic misconduct in a specific situation, please visit with your professor or your academic advisor.
Make sure to be familiar with the“Student’s Guide to Academic Integrity”.

4. Participate Actively in Your Classes

When we work as a team we work more effectively and produce better results. We can think of a class as a team, too, and the professor as the team leader. When you have done your advance assignments and prepared for class, you are more likely to participate constructively in class discussions. When you contribute constructively to class discussions, not only do you benefit, but all the other students in the class benefit. When other students do the same, you benefit in return. The success of a class is dependent on all the members of the class team.
5. Learn How to Use APA Style
American Psychological Association (APA) style is the accepted standard for formating written papers in the Department of Human Relations. All the papers you submit for your classes should follow this format, and the Comprehensive Examination requires APA style. The official guide to APA style is contained in the “Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association”, and you may wish to buy your own copy to keep as a desk reference (the manual is available in most bookstores, and in all OU bookstores).
The OU Writing Center has also prepared a convenient and easy to use summary of APA style and it is available online ...click here.

6. Stay in Contact: Use Your OU Email Account

The only email address your professors have for you is your OU email address. This is the address to which all official electronic correspondence from your professors, from OU, and from the Department of Human Relations will be sent. As an OU student, this email account is made available to you at no charge. It is important that you check it regularly.
While some students set their OU email account to automatically forward messages to their private account, this method is not always reliable. Even if you have set up a system to forward mail from the OU account to your personal one, you should regularly check your OU account directly. Not checking your OU email account you could cause you to miss important information sent from your professors or the HR staff or others at OU.

7. Know Your Deadlines
Be sure you know all the schedules and deadlines that may apply to the MHR program. Failure to meet important deadlines could delay your comprehensive exams or your graduation.
8. Develop Your Computer Skills

Whether the task is formating footnotes in your word processing software for a research paper or preparing a slideshow in PowerPoint or Keynote for a classroom presentation, you are likely to find a growing need to employ technical skills in your work as an MHR student (as well as in the professional work). Take time to find softwares that will help you accomplish tasks that are useful to you and learn how to become adept at their use. The time you spend acquiring these skills will be well spent.
9. Participate in Your HR Student Association
There are HR student associations on both the Norman and Tulsa campuses, and their meetings are open to all HR majors. They offer you an opportunity to get better acquainted with other students, to hear speakers on topics of interest to HR students, and to make new professional contacts. To learn more about the HR student associations and how you can participate, click here. missing link
OU student activities offices in Norman and Tulsa also provide a variety of services for students in all majors. To learn more about the student activities office in Norman, click here, and for Tulsa click here.

10. Have Fun!
When you were admitted as a graduate student at The University of Oklahoma you joined an elite group in higher education. Relatively few people have achieved what you have achieved. Being in the MHR program is not just an opportunity for you to earn a higher degree, it has also opened doors for you to have new experiences, meet new people, and to learn new things. The education you gain as an MHR student will not only benefit you professionally, it will enrich your life on a personal level.
Being an MHR student is an adventure to be enjoyed!

And Remember These Additional OU Services That Are Available to You...
Financial Services
The OU Office of Financial Aid provides extensive information for students about financial aid options available to you. To visit the website of the Office of Financial aid on the Norman campus, click HERE.
Tulsa Campus. The same financial aid opportunities are available for students in Tulsa as in Norman, and students should use the Office

Academic Advisors

Academic Information Links