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The Admission to Candidacy form is your official program of graduate work and is a part of your permanent student file. You may obtain this form from the department office, your local site, or online at

Scroll down to the HR candidacy form you need. The following are the guidelines.


Due dates for candidacy forms and exam dates.

For exam date, do not select a day that falls on a weekend.

The candidacy form must be received in the Department of Human Relations

No later than

in the Spring - August 15 (Due date for form): Dates available to take exam - Feb. 1 thru March 1*

in the Summer- January 15 (Due date for form): Dates available to take exam - 1st full week of June**

in the Fall - February 15 (Due date for form): Dates available to take exam - Sept. 15 thru Oct 15*


No exception will be made to the above dates


* The comprehensive exam is a 30 day take home exam. You may request any date within the time period stated above for your exam to start.


**This date will be the first day of main campus summer classes - date is determined by the Norman Academics Calendar.



1. The Admission to Candidacy form must be typed or legibly printed and sent directly to the Human Relations office for evaluation. You may mail, fax or email the candidacy form. After evaluation and signature by the department graduate liaison, it will be forwarded to the Graduate College.

2. List courses you have taken or will take which will count toward the 36 hours required for the degree.

3. Any changes to coursework listed on the Candidacy form must be submitted in writing to the Department of Human Relations for signature and will then be forwarded to the Graduate College for final approval. (An e-mail will suffice.) Do not resend another candidacy form or call. Please contact Dana Shultz at with any changes.


Failure to correctly and completely fill out the Candidacy Form and meet deadlines for filing this form could delay the receipt of your comprehensive exam and delay your graduation.


Graduation Fees


All students must complete a graduation application and an alumni card. Advanced Program students must submit a graduation fee of $25.00 with the graduation application.

The graduation application (and fee for AP students) is only valid for three semesters. Mail these forms to the address stated on the card or forward them to HR with your candidacy form.


For information on commencement exercises in Norman in May, please contact:

University Book Store, 1185 Asp Ave, Norman OK 73069 or the website:

or check the Graduation Office website at . (Information should be posted by April).

Tulsa students should contact Student Services at or 918-660-3100 for information on the Tulsa convocation.



Use the following checklist to complete the Candidacy form correctly.

1. Make sure you have the correct Admission to Candidacy Form: Effective Fall 06, Effective Summer 2005, and Effective Summer 2003--(for students admitted Spring 2005 or earlier).

2. Please type or use ink.

3. List all core courses and electives to total the 36 hours required for this degree. If you have not taken 36 hours, see your faculty advisor to help you project what you might take. The Graduate College wants to see only 36 hours.

4. Students must have taken all 3 (2/1) hours for the core courses when taken through the AP format.

5. List the number and name of each course and list the number of credit hours.*

6. List the grades, instructors. Leave the space blank if you do not know the grade. Do not write N/A, TBD, or pending.

7. You may write elective, HR 5990 Independent Study or HR 5960 Direct Reading for courses to be added later if you are not certain what you will take. (You may only indicate one class as “elective”.)

8. List the topics for the Directed Reading or Independent Study.

9. Please indicate if the courses taken as a website or in a classroom.

10. Choose a date for your Comprehensive Exam within the time allotted. (See first page). Exams will not be e-mailed during the weekend.

11. Sign and date the form. You may mail, fax or email the candidacy form.


Do not alter the size of spaces causing the form to go to 3 or 4 pages. Keep the candidacy form at 2 pages only.


AP courses taken for two credit hours with the optional directed reading should be listed as follows:


Course Title Semesters Hours Grade Professors

(Example) HR 5821/5081Group Dynamics Su 03 2/1 A/S Littles


Common errors that you will want to avoid

1. Do not list more than 6 hours of HR 5100

2. Do not list more than 6 hours of HR 5110

3. Do not list more than 9 hours of HR 5113 (same as HR 5112/5111, AP courses)

4. Do not list more than 6 hours of HR 5960

5. Do not list more than 6 hours of HR 5990

6. You may not use course work that is more than five years old unless you have obtained a waiver from the Dean of the Grad. College. Contact the department for details.

7. Can not have more than 9 hours of Non-HR/Transfer credits combined.

8. When taking S/U graded courses from OU and approved Transfer Credits, the maximum hours that may be applied toward the HR degree are 18 (½ of the total 36 hours requirement).


In order to meet comprehensive exam requirements, you must have completed all core courses and a minimum of 75% (27 hours) of degree requirements before you are eligible to take your exam. You must be enrolled in a minimum of two OU graduate level hours the semester in which you take your exam. You also may not have more than six hours of incomplete (I) grades the semester in which you take the exam.


If you are a dual-degree candidate, you must have both Admissions to Candidacy forms on file before you will be allowed to take the Human Relations exam.





Contact Information

Department of Human Relations, 601 Elm Avenue, Room 728, Norman, OK 73019

Dana Shultz (405) 325-5598

or via email at .




Revised July 17, 2009