When should I start planning for the LPC?

Ideally planning for your LPC should begin with your first class towards your MHR degree. It is important that your MHR electives support your LPC requirements.

How long does it take to become an LPC?

You must complete the 36-hour MHR degree and then accumulate additional LPC approved graduate hours to total 60 qualifying course hours. Usually this means taking about 30 hours post-graduation. You must also apply to your state board, accumulate 3000 hours of pre-licensure supervision, and pass a licensing exam. You must also save all syllabi for possible presentation to the LPC board.

How can I appy to the MHR program?

Visit and click on the "Apply to OU" link.

The MHR is a 36-hour degree program with 4 core courses,
6 electives and an internship (450 clock hours). Classes are
available evenings, weekends and online.
Application to the University of Oklahoma's MHR program
can be completed online at

How do I apply for the LPC?

You must first earn your MHR or a counseling approved masters degree. You will have the option to select HR licensure as your program. The program code for LPC is 6050.

I already have a master's degree.
How can I apply to the LPC track?

If you are currently in the MHR program or another OU
graduate program, you simply do a change of major to the
licensure track. Be sure that you are cleared for graduation
before you change your major or you will not graduate. If you
are not currently an OU student please reapply to OU and
choose the HR licensure track as your major. This is not a
degree-seeking track so you will not be able to use traditional
student loans to finance this part of your education. However,
you can discuss other options with your bank.

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