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Advanced Studies in the History of Educational Thought

Gender, Knowledge & Inquiry; Writing Educational Inquiry

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Educational Theory Colloquium

Introduction to Educational Inquiry

Doctoral Practicum.
Schooling for Social Justice

Classics in Educational Thought

Educational Thought of John Dewey

Contemporary Critical Thought & Educational Studies

Girls, Women, & Educational Studies

Girls, Women & Community Education

Women in Adult & Higher Education

Gender, Values & Education

Contemporary Feminist Thought

Seminar in Feminist Theory

Gender, Society & Higher Education
Food in American Culture

The School in American Cultures

Introduction to Women’s Studies

Honors Introduction to Women’s Studies

Contemporary Feminist Thought

Selcted Publications


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Selected proceedings on audio tape:

Sara Ruddick, symposium chair, “Is Research on Women and Education `Research on Preventing War’? Virginia Woolf’s Three Guineas Fifty Years Later” (Chicago: AERA cassette/Teach ‘em, Inc., 1988), RA8-16.43.  Speakers: Joan N. Burstyn, Jane Roland Martin, Carol Gilligan.  Respondent and organizer: Susan Laird.