WesleY Long



Department Chair and Associate Professor

Physical Science Building 719 (Campus Map)

(405) 325-1070


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professional Information

Courses Taught

  • Current Problems in HR
  • Adolescent Issues
  • Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
  • School in American Culture
  • Sociology of Education
  • Cultural Pluralism
  • Naturalistic and Qualitative Research
  • Social Change Process
  • Adolescent Issues in the African American Community

Representative Publications

Vaughn, C.A. & Long, W.C. "Adolescent addiction and recovery: A study in extremes". Advances in Psychological Research. (New York: Nova Science Publications, 2000): pp. 1-18.

Long, W.C. & Vaughn., C.A. "I've had too much done to my heart": The dilemma of addiction and recovery as seen through seven youngsters' lives. Journal of Drug Education, Vol.29 (4) pp. 309-322, 1999.

Vaughn, C.A. & Long, W.C. "Surrender to win: How adolescent drug and alcohol users change their lives." Adolescence, Vol. 34, No. 133, Spring 1999.

Long, W.C. & Farr, C.A. "Lost and found: Young Afro-American males in the inner city." Urban Education, Vol. 26 (October, 1991): pp. 310-326.