Susan Marcus-Mendoza



Physical Science Building 727 (Campus Map)

(405) 325-1756


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professional Information

Courses Taught


  • Rape Victim Counseling
  • Issues in Marital and Family Therapy
  • Ethics in Counseling
  • Psychosocial Development
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Women and Leadership
  • Counseling Skills in Human Relations
  • Human Emotions
  • Current Problems in Human Relations
  • Theoretical Foundations of Human Relations
  • Women and Mental Health
  • Case Studies in Ethics


  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Elements of Psychology
  • Introduction to Counseling in Human Relations













Selected Publications

Marcus-Mendoza, S. T. (2011).  Feminist therapy with incarcerated women:  Practicing subversion in prison.  Women & Therapy, 34 (1&2), 77-92. Marcus-Mendoza, S. T. (2011).  Review of the book The fat studies readerFeminism & Psychology, 21, 273-276.

Marcus-Mendoza, S. T. (2004).  Feminist therapy behind bars.  Women Studies Quarterly, 32, (3&4), 49-60.           

Marcus-Mendoza, S. T., & Wright, E. (2004). Decontextualizing female criminality: treating abused women in prison in the United States.  Feminism & Psychology, 14 (2), 250-255. Marcus-Mendoza, S. T., & Klein-Saffran, J. & Lutze, F. (1998). A feminist examination of boot camp prison programs for women.   (Reprinted in P. Schram & B. Koons-Witt (Eds). Gendered (in)justice: Theory and practice in feminist criminology, 2004, Long Grove, IL: Waveland Press, Inc.)

Marcus-Mendoza, S. T., & Wright, E. (2003).  Treatment of women in prison
and their history of violence.  In S. Sharp (Ed.)The incarcerated woman: Rehabilitative programming in women's prisons.  Upper Saddle, N. J.:  Prentice Hall.

Sharp, S., & Marcus-Mendoza, S.  T. (2001).  It's a family affair: Incarcerated women and their families. Women & Criminal Justice, 12 (4), 21-49. Sharp, S., Braley, A., & Marcus-Mendoza, S. T. (2000).  Focal concerns, race, & sentencing of female drug offenders.  Free Inquiry in Creative Sociology, 28 (20), 3-16.