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Human Relations is a multi-disciplinary program, and this is demonstrated by our faculty through their diverse academic backgrounds. Our faculty does more than teach the concepts of Human Relations; they put their words into action through volunteer work in the communities where they live. The use of adjuncts allows the Department of Human Relations to supplement its own highly qualified faculty with that of individuals who bring additional experience in the professional world.

Faculty Information


Click on the faculty member with whom you would like to know more about. Each faculty page includes a short bio and some may include links to personal web pages and professional affiliations. Each faculty member is here to assist you so please do not hesitate to contact any of our faculty by email for information. Are you seeking other HR Instructors? View a list of Adjunct Faculty and Graduate Assistants' Contact Information.

Faculty are listed in alphabetical order.

Barwick-Snell Katie L. Barwick-Snell - Assistant Professor; Undergraduate Advisor A-S, Norman

Bert Shannon S. Bert - Assistant Professor, Norman

Davidson Tim Davidson - Associate Professor, Norman

Deacon Zermarie Deacon - Assistant Professor, Norman

Habashi Janette E. Habashi - Associate Professor, Tulsa

Hardman Jennifer Hardman - Instructor, AP Graduate Advisor, Undergraduate Advisor T-Z - Norman

Hellman Chan M. Hellman - Associate Professor, Tulsa

Hufnagel Glenda Hufnagel - Lecturer; LPC Advisor - Norman

Johnson Chad V. Johnson - Associate Professor, Tulsa

Keilig Rachael Robinson-Keilig, Assistant Professor, Tulsa

No image Susan Laird - Professor, Norman

Lloyd-Jones Brenda Lloyd-Jones - Associate Professor and Associate Chair; Graduare Advisor (Tulsa) - Tulsa

Long Wesley C. Long - Associate Professor and Department Chair, Norman

Marcu-Mendoza Susan T. Marcus-Mendoza - Professor, Norman

Mata Alberto G. Mata - Professor, Norman

No image Carolyn Morgan - Associate Professor, Norman

Randle Rodger A. Randle - Professor, Norman

Rosser Michelle L. Rosser - Lecturer, Norman

Spigner-Littles Dorscine Spigner- Littles - Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Norman

Weber Jerome Weber - Professor, Norman

Worley Jody A. Worley - Associate Professor, Tulsa  


Emeritis Faculty

George Henderson (Founder)


Vera Gatch

Jody Anderson


Gary Holmes

Moira Waterbury

In memory -



Additional contacts: (Adjunct Faculty, Graduate Assist., and Teaching Assist.)

Adjunct Faculty

Judith Adams: email: Chalone Anderson: email:
Nathan Brown: Website: email: Renea Butler-King: email:
Allen Cannon: email: Marc Charney: email:
Richard Coberg: email: Jeanette Davidson (Director): email:
Ellen Donaldson: email: Eric Dlugotinski: email:
John Duncan: email: Marilyn Durbin: email:
Anita Fream: email: Deborah Goodman: email:
Mekada Graham: email: Gerald Gurney: email:
David Hall: Website: email: Nancy Hall: email:
Sandra Ham: email: Melinda Howard: email:
Lawrence Hynson: email: Harold Jones: email:
Herman Jones: email: Marilynn Jones-Parker: email:
Irene Karpiak: Website Susan Kimmel: email:
Kathryn Marlow: email: Lawrence Marshall: email:
Jude May: Sherryl M. McGuire: email:
OU Class link - HR 5093 (AP)
Jorge Mendoza: Website: email: Charles (Kenneth) Meyer: email:
Lee Morris: email: Susan Nash: email:
William Neran: email: Joan Phillips: email:
James Pickens: email: Chris Purcell: email:
William (Bill) Ray: Website: email: Richard Reardon: email:
Eva Jolene Ring: email: Lawrence Rossow: email:
Wayne Scarth: email: Abraham Scherman: email:
Wilbur Scott: email: Ingrid Shafer: email:
Eddie C. Smith: Website: email: Ashley Stanberry-Brown: Website: email:
Glenn Solomon: email: Vicki Tallchief: email:
David Tan: Website: email: Robert Terry: Website: email:
Larry Toothaker: email: Peter Vail: email:
Elizabeth Weber: email: Robbie Wahnee:
Diane Willis: email:  

Graduate Assistants -  Norman

Dare Akoshile (Long) :
Cristina Cathey (Deacon):
Adepeju Faboro (Davidson) : Yun-Ting Jacob Chui (Mata):
Katelynn Nix (Bert) :
Yakno Douglas (Hufnagel):
Linda Roberts (Herrerias): Tom Olds (GTA) :