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Both a BA and MHR are offered through Human Relations.

The Department of Human Relations offers undergraduate and graduate programs. Human Relations prepares you for any profession in which a knowledge of human behavior, organizational behavior, social issues and change strategies, and diversity and gender issues is paramount. Human Relations graduates have used their studies to continue or embark on successful careers in the military, counseling and human services, non-profit organizations, education, government, corrections, athletic coaching and training, and in a multitude of other business and work settings.   Human Relations programs can also give you the knowledge and skills to enrich your life outside of the workplace. Take a class and find out what HR can do for you!

  • On the Norman campus, we offer a Bachelor of Arts in Human Relations, a Master in Human Relations degrees, and Graduate Certificates.
  • On the OU-Tulsa campus, we offer a Master in Human Relations and Graduate Certificates
  • In addition, the Master in Human Relations and Graduate Certificates are available on selected American military bases in Europe and in the United States through Advanced Programs in the OU College of Continuing Education.

One of the best ways to get acquainted with the Human Relations program is to meet our faculty. Our "Meet Our Faculty" page provides you with introduction information as well as contact information.

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Human relations DEGREES


Will my courses give me the skills needed in today's job market?


      You can use a Master’s degree in Human Relations acquire the knowledge and skills to advance in or prepare for a career in:

      • Human resource development
      • Counseling or other helping professions
      • Non-profit, public and private organizations
      • Equal opportunity
      • Organizational and military leadership
      • Nursing and other health professions
      • Family or Social Services
      • Teaching and other positions in education
      • Corrections
      • Civil Service

Graduates of the Department of Human Relations have obtained such jobs as:

    Public Relations Director
    City Manager
    American Indian Tribal Planner
    Group Facilitator
    Chamber of Commerce Director
    Training and Development Specialist
    Private Consultant
    Organizational Development Facilitator
    Employee Relations Specialist
    Minority Student Counselor
    Crisis Intervention Counselor
    County Agency Director
    Personnel Director
    Management Consultant
    Community College Instructor
    Council on Aging Director
    Youth Services Coordinator
    Employee Assistant Program Manager
    Affirmative Action Specialist
    Women's Resource Program Director
    Family Shelter Counselor
    Chemical Dependency Counselor
    Human Resources Development Manager
    Hospital Administrator
    Child Welfare Worker
    Counselor to Victims of Domestic Violence

Recent employment offerings for individuals specializing in Human Relations

Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Princeton University - Greater New York City Area

Director Diversity & Inclusion

The Woodmansee Group - Charlotte, North Carolina Ar

Diversity & Inclusion Operations Associate

Pfizer Inc. - New York, New York (Greater New York City Area)

Director, Diversity and Inclusion

The University of Texas Medical Branch, utmbHealth - Galveston (Houston, Texas Area)

Lead, Diversity & Inclusion

Amway - Ada, MI (Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan Area)

Vice President of Diversity (Chief Diversity Officer)

Bellevue College - 3000 Landerholm Circle SE, Bellevue WA 98007 (Greater Seattle Area)

Global Diversity & Inclusion Outreach Manager

Microsoft - Redmond, WA, US (Greater Seattle Area)

To get more ideas of the many kinds of different careers in which Human Relations graduates can be found, click here to go to our "Meet Our Alumni" page. 


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Your Future Bachelors in Human Relations

The Department of Human Relations also offers a bachelor’s degree in Human Relations. The BA in Human Relations is similar to the master’s degree. It offers a broader exposure to the field, and prepares students to become professionals and leaders in the workplace, activists, helping professionals, scholars, and other practitioners who wish to create a more just society.
Admissions Information.

Students seeking admission to the undergraduate program should apply through the OU admissions office.

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Learn more about Graduate Certfiicates in HR.

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Your Future Master of Human Relations

The Master of Human Relations (MHR) is a people-oriented degree with application for positions in military, business, government, health and human services, and education. MHR graduates have the knowledge and skills to supervise, teach, and effectively help people. Classes are offered in Norman and Tulsa and are available on evenings and weekends for the convenience of students who work full-time. The program is designed for students interested in creating and leading team-based organizations, social justice, and helping people and communities.

  • Organizational emphasis
    • focuses on organizational behavior, human resource development, diversity in organizations, and leadership, and addresses gender and minority issues, work/life balance, organizational ethics, and social responsibility.
  • Counseling emphasis
    • provides the skills and knowledge to counsel individuals in such settings as family service centers, hospitals, and private and public mental health practices, and is appropriate for those interested in counseling or for helping professionals such as nurses and teachers.

  • Social justice and change emphasis
    • Prepares students  to analyze social problems, apply change theory, design and evaluate solutions for change, write grants, and develop and lead non-profit organizations. The coursework and internship experiences in all emphases are designed to provide the skills to address the critical issues of our rapidly changing global society. This program was also designed for the working adult in mind. The intensive on-site course format along with online and independent study courses allow for schedule flexibility within the program.

Learn about earning your LPC in Oklahoma:


Graduate Certificates

New Graduate Certificates to enhance your skills are also offered through Human Relations.

  • Human Resource Diversity and Development

  • Helping Skills in Human Relations

All course work taken for these certificates will apply to the MHR.  However, the certificate can be taken separately from the MHR.  The certificate introduces students to the Master’s degree in Human Relations (MHR) and serves as recognition of work accomplished in a concentration before the completion of the MHR.    It can also serve as continuing education. 

The Graduate Certificate in Helping Skills in Human Relations provides professionals in a wide variety of helping professions with the knowledge and skills to improve relationships, and to be effective and ethical helpers.   

Requires 12 hours of course work 

  • Theoretical Foundations in Human Relations
  • Counseling Skills in Human Relations
  • Ethical Issues in Human Relations Counseling
  • and a counseling elective. 

    *Elective options include but are not limited to Career Counseling, Group Counseling, Women and Mental Health, Social Justice Counseling, Violence Against Women, Counseling Approaches, Multicultural Counseling, Counseling with Diverse Populations, Psychosocial Development, Chemical Dependency, Diagnosis in HR Counseling, Crisis Intervention, Posttraumatic Stress, and Recovery from Addiction. Theoretical Foundations and Ethical Issues are available as online courses, and some of the elective options are available online or as directed readings.

The Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Diversity and Development will help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the contemporary workplace.  Students will learn how to develop human resources and address social justice and diversity issues in work settings. i

Requires 12 hours of graduate course work

  • Human Resources for Human Relations Professional
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Diversity and Justice in Organizations
  • and one organizational elective.  

    *Elective options include, but are not limited to, Seminar in Leadership in Organizations, Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace, Work and Life Integration, Special Topics in Management, Women and Leadership, Work/Life Balance, Organizational Change and Development, Creative Problem Solving, Non-Profit Organizations, Women Work and the Family, Employment Mediation, and Supervision in the Workplace.

    All of the required courses for this certificate are available as online courses, and some of the elective options are available online or as directed readings.

For details on receiving your graduate certificate, contact the HR department, an advisor, or your Site Director (AP) for more information.

Norman, Tulsa, and Advanced Programs: The Differences.

To learn more about the individual programs, please click on the one that fits your needs best. Each program has differing concentration areas, class availabilities, and admission requirements, so feel free to investigate each one to help you decide.

Addtionally the HR Program Planner explains substantial amounts of information about planning your potential graduate education in the HR program including the advisors who would be happy to talk with you about your interest.

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