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PhD Requirements

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Doctoral Degree in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine Degree Requirements

As a rule, students wishing to begin study toward an advanced degree in the University of Oklahoma's graduate program in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine are expected to apply for admission to the Master of Arts program. This includes applicants who intend to work through the M.A. program into the doctoral program. In certain circumstances, applicants may be accepted directly into the Ph.D. program if they have earned a master's degrees in the history of science in comparable programs established at other universities. 

The major steps towards the PhD degree are: 

The Ph.D. degree calls for a total of 90 approved credit hours beyond the baccalaureate degree, or 60 hours beyond the Master’s degree, including dissertation hours.  Students admitted to the doctoral program are assumed to have satisfied the course distribution and language requirements for the master’s. 

Coursework:  Students will complete a minimum 18 credit course hours before completion of the general examination.  There are no course distribution requirements for these hours other than in preparation for field requirements.  Students are strongly encouraged to take one or more courses outside the department (e.g., History department). 

Foreign Language:  Students will demonstrate reading competence in a second approved foreign language prior to the general examination.  Student can complete this requirement in several ways:

Basic reading competency can be established in several ways:

  • Passing a reading proficiency examination. 
  • Completion of six credit hours of intermediate-level language courses with grades no lower than B. 
  • Completion of approved graduate reading proficiency courses offered in the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics with a grade of A.

General Examination:  Students and their committee chairs should establish a timetable for completion of general field examinations with clear, specific expectations for required content and deadlines.  Full-time students are expected to complete the general examinations within three semesters of completion of the master’s degree.

Prospectus: Defense of a dissertation proposal may be part of the general examinations, or it may be submitted to the committee within three months of completion of general examinations.

Dissertation: Completion of a satisfactory doctoral dissertation and its defense in an oral examination.  The University expects students to complete the defense and deposit of the dissertation within five calendar years after passing the general examination.